Daas vs. Lists

Companies scale
better with DaaS

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solves all the inherent problems with historical, snapshot list purchases.

Once is never enough

Purchasing lists is ineffective

Even the best lists will go out of date. And that’s assuming they had accurate data to start with, which is often not the case. Replacing bad or noisy data with stale data is not a solution.

The restaurant industry
changes ad infinitum

Purchasing moment-in-time snapshots of the restaurant industry is simply not good business practice. Restaurantology’s database is constantly evolving, tracking the latest firmographic and technographic insights month over month.

Restaurantology solves the problem

Restaurantology provides data that is gathered completely and accurately, connected to other relevant data, and done so in a timely manner, giving your business transformational industry analytics in real-time.


Multiple-source capture from over 15k multi-unit restaurant websites.


Verified information gathered repeatedly using proprietary automation.


Intentional firmographic and technographic details reducing effort to insight.


Refreshed monthly for predictability and confidence in strategic datasets.

Say goodbye to bad data

Use our on-demand tools to stay as connected as ever to the restaurant industry.

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