Restaurantology SFDC Managed Package


Managed packages extend Salesforce basic functionalities, and can be installed both quickly and easily.

The Restaurantology Salesforce Managed Package allows your org to connect to our servers and periodically download the latest restaurant industry insights and analytics.

Dashboards, report and widgets will automatically be appended to your Sales platform, and you can update existing Account layouts with new components and integrated information. Everything can be rearranged by your org administrator both during the installation process and at any point after.

This setup guide will walk you through the initial download and configuration of the Salesforce managed package. Additional detail and FAQs can be found in our knowledgebase.


To proceed with the installation, be sure to have:

  • a Salesforce instance
  • admin privileges to your production instance
  • the ability to update your Account page layout(s) without crippling your sales org

Step 1: Installation and Setup Wizard

The latest version of Restaurantology SFDC Managed package is 1.3 (Mar 11, 2022 Winter release).

You can begin the install process by following the following steps:

  • Log into your Salesforce account as an Administrator
  • Click here to start the setup wizard
  • Accept the Terms of Service by selecting the “I acknowledge that I’m installing a Non-Salesforce Application” checkbox –> this managed package has been developed by Restaurantology rather than Salesforce’s AppExchange team
  • Select “Install for all users” so that all users have access to Restaurantology’s managed package
  • Click the blue Install button
  • Approve Third-Party Access by granting access to our API AEternus server (Salesforce will automatically add the correct configuration to Setup > Remote Site Settings)
Install Restaurantology for all your users by simply selecting the appropriate installation privileges

Step 2: Post-installation process

Once the installation process has completed successfully, admins will be immediately redirected to the Restaurantology App. In the even you closed the browser or aren’t redirected, don’t fret — you can navigate to the Restaurantology App by clicking the App icon (9 colored dots, at the left of the main menu) and searching for ‘Restaurantology’ to find the install manager.

Two more steps are required:

  1. From the “Connect” tab, take note of your Salesforce host (something in the form of You’ll be asked to provide this in the setup form below.
  2. In the “Activate your SFDC Endpoint” tab, you will find everything you need to allow your Salesforce instance to periodically receive our data.

Endpoints are points of contact between two different systems. In Salesforce, endpoints can be created or removed whenever you need by accessing Setup > User Interface > Sites and Domains > Sites. Simply follow the step-by-step guide included in the “Activate your SFDC Endpoint” tab.

Note: The required endpoint does not activate any broadcast method. This means it will never be used to send information from your Company’s Salesforce instance to external servers. Instead, it will receive incoming data, and will be isolated within an object dedicated to our Restaurantology database.

Restaurantology App: the Control Panel and everything you need to complete the configuration

Step 3: Notify Restaurantology that you’ve completed the setup process

By now you should have collected:

  1. Your SFDC host (from the Connect tab)
  2. Your endpoint address. After configuring your new Restaurantology endpoint, Salesforce will show you its complete URI with a format similar to

With those 2 pieces of information in hand, please complete the following form:

SFDC Setup Form

You will receive a confirmation message about the activation from our Restaurantology reps.