A data company with purpose

Our mission is clear—to build the most comprehensive, scalable, and valuable resource of restaurant industry data ever created.


We began with the idea
that people selling to restaurants
could do more with better data.

Today, Restaurantology is widely recognized as the leading market intelligence platform powering the data-driven GTM strategies behind some of the world’s most recognizable restaurant tech companies.

Grant Gadoci

CEO & Co-founder


It has been our mission is
to build the most meaningful,
scalable, and abundant
restaurant industry data
resource to date.

Restaurantology uses proprietary technology to capture actionable insights straight from restaurant websites. We only ingest data that can be verified at scale, repeatedly.

Iulio Lo Piccolo

Co-founder and
Chief Technology Officer

We are automating
data capture and powering
data-driven GTMs for
restaurant tech companies

Restaurantology bridges the gap between public restaurant data and users, helping organizations build a culture of data previously not possible in the industry. We strengthen knowledge and understanding, reduce time to insight and action, and turn entire revenue teams into restaurant industry experts.