CRM Integration

Scale your data organization

Monthly CRM updates accelerate the speed of information sharing and improve the effectiveness of your teams.


Productivity for all

Accelerate business and go-to-market outcomes with transformational data and insights synched to your CRM.

Capture Insights

Give employees access to multi-source structured data verified monthly.

Review Analytics

Create custom reports that help divide the restaurant industry into meaningful segments.

Drive Workflows

Automate alerts and field updates to reduce manual entry and maximize data cleanliness.


Reduce effort to insight

Access data analytics that help accurately segment marketing databases and drive actionable sales coverage models.

Uncover ICPs

Focus on top accounts with the right DNA and the highest hypothesized value proposition.

Streamline territories

Generate meaningful, equitable territories based on data, not assumptions.

Amplify marketing

Create micro-targeted outbound campaigns that identify a potential problem and present a credible solution.

Visualize the multi-unit addressable market

Create custom reports and dashboards that give context to trends, growth plans, and strategic investments.

Organize prospects by what matters most

Segment the industry into the meaningful parts that drive actionable, intentional, and accelerated go-to-market strategies.

Ready to improve your restaurant data?

No matter which branch of the org chart you call home, you can benefit from Restaurantology’s data insights.