Drive revenue
and growth at
enterprise scale

Transform your RevOps team into a strategic driver for the business with market intelligence that enables greater productivity and coverage with actionable analytics and automated monthly updates.

Auto-enrich data to keep your CRM aligned with the industry you serve

Champion business and go-to-market outcomes with transformational data and insights synched straight into your CRM. Eliminate manual data and recurring list import, both of which are incapable of scaling your data org.

Create a purpose-driven GTM using verified data, not gut or intuition

Use industry-specific attributes to facilitate actionable, intentional go-to-market strategies that are meaningful to the business. ABM not just the enterprise brands, but all the way down into the restaurant industry long-tail.

Accelerate the individuals and teams that focus on revenue and growth

Turn dynamic CRM data into an enabler for sales and marketing leaders focused on driving actionable, data-driven sales coverage models and segmented, micro-targeted outbound campaigns.


Solve data decay at its source

Integrate a trusted data pipeline with Restaurantology’s native managed package for Salesforce, which helps remove the manual effort from team member’s most common, time-consuming tasks. Eliminate noisy or bad CRM data with Restaurantology’s monthly auto-enrich of key fields like unit count, tech stack, and more.


Operationalize everything

Build an Ops-lead GTM with actionable strategies across the systems and teams that drive revenue and growth for your business. Design CRM processes and workflows that proactively focus quota-carriers on new ICP accounts, sales managers on data-driven territories, and executives on the partnerships and integrations needed to unlock TAM and dramatically accelerate speed-to-market.

“Everything starts with account coverage. You cannot earn a conversation, book a demo, or sell a deal on accounts that are missing in your CRM.”

Grant Gadoci

CEO and Co-Founder, Restaurantology

Frequently asked questions

What does the CRM integration do?

Restaurantology’s CRM integration helps modern companies scale their data organization with the frequent and predictable data validation that accelerate the speed of information sharing and improve the effectiveness of revenue teams.

What CRMs are you currently integrated with?

Restaurantology currently offers a managed package for Salesforce CRM. Companies who sell products and services to the restaurant industry can use Restaurantology and Salesforce together to automate how they consume industry data with speed, predictability, and precision.

What differentiates Restaurantology from other offerings?

Restaurantology offers the first market intelligence platform to auto-enrich your CRM with monthly updates, which helps foster a culture of data-driven decision making so team members feel connected, focused, and empowered. Our direct integration eliminates the industry standard for recurring manual exports and imports, and reduces the transformation required to derive insights, extract meaning, and activate team members.

What does implementation look like?

Implementing Restaurantology is easy, and can accelerate how your CRM ingests verified market intelligence data month over month. Connecting your Salesforce with Restaurantology is a guided process between your Salesforce admin and Restaurantology’s onboarding team. Standard implementations are grouped into 5 phases: kick-off and expectation setting, install and config, data mapping, team training and rollout, and advanced and ongoing usage.

“Restaurantology is the most reliable and extensive restaurant market intelligence platform out there. It is an essential tool in our sales and customer success technology stack—enabling our revenue teams with powerful insights they can act on to prospect with more purpose than ever before.”

Mary H.
Chief Revenue Officer