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GTM powered
by autonomy
and action

Restaurantology accelerates ICP discovery with in-browser search, segmented results, relevant foodservice attributes, and extensive time series data. The Restaurantology Chrome extension enables autonomous multi-unit discovery and assures all users can harness verified data to power business success.

Uncover the multi-unit ICP profiles you are looking for 10x faster

End time-wasting data hunts between manual internet searches, stale list exports, and bad CRM data. Encourage all team members, regardless of previous industry experience, to find and use the data they need to uncover potential revenue.

Increase understanding and trust of restaurant industry data

Empower reps to pre-qualify outbound prospects with confidence. Surface verified unit counts, complex ownership hierarchies, and tech stack insights in a single tool without ever leaving your browser or picking up the phone.

Encourage autonomy and action across individuals and teams

Ensure BDRs and AEs can rapidly find the information they need to drive growth without overwhelming your operations. Free up valuable RevOps time to focus on the bigger projects that generate positive, disproportionate business outcomes.


Enable everyone to find data

With Restaurantology, finding multi-unit concepts that match your ICP is easy, with an in-browser “pocket dictionary” for generating targeted, segmented chase lists that inspire confidence and enable action. Quota-carriers, BD experts, marketing teams, and leaders all find the information they need to grow the business.


Build a predictable, productive workforce

Empower the entire revenue org to be more efficient and effective with pre-call qualification and targeted discovery. Onboard new reps faster—and more predictably—giving them the ability to navigate a highly dynamic and nuanced market like a restaurant industry expert.

“There’s a direct correlation between your knowledge of the market and accelerated growth. Success in the restaurant industry shouldn’t be based on key team member’s tolerance for list work.”

Grant Gadoci

CEO and Co-Founder, Restaurantology

Frequently asked questions

What does Restaurantology’s Chrome extension do?

Restaurantology surfaces multi-unit profiles the moment you need them, making it easier for individuals and teams to browse and understand the restaurant industry better than ever before. The Chrome extension organizes millions of data points into valuable foodservice insights so users can focus on the success of the business both quickly and efficiently.

Where do you get your data?

Restaurantology uses its proprietary software to visit thousands of restaurant websites each day. We specialize in analyzing siloed, publicly available data and mapping the results to familiar and consistent multi-unit profiles, creating a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use.

What problem does Restaurantology help solve?

Employees selling products or services to the restaurant industry often report being slowed down by manual data entry, static lists, and bad CRM data. Our Chrome extension was created to provide an intuitive and reliable way to learn about the multi-unit restaurant industry with as little effort and time invested as possible.

What differentiates Restaurantology from other market intelligence platforms?

Restaurantology was built by restaurant tech veterans to be clear, accurate, and fast. Our industry-specific insights—including unit count, service type, ownership hierarchies, and tech stack details—eclipse industry agnostic companies like Zoominfo. Culturally, we’re also dedicated to data that is relevant, transparent, and actionable. We believe a market intelligence partner should do more than sell you snapshot lists.

“It’s all about logos. We’ve recently shifted our focus to more meaningful conversations with the right customers. Restaurantology helped us quickly identify accounts. Reps use the Chrome extension as a discovery engine to continue to find ideal customers—it gives them true ownership & autonomy over their territories.”

Steve R.
VP of Sales