Go-to-market, powered by our industry veterans

Unlock your growth potential with Restaurantology’s domain experts offering market insights, optimized data and system recommendations, and a predictable way to build scalable revenue organizations that meet and exceed your future revenue targets.

Document and evaluate existing, complex market conditions

Improve your understanding of the restaurant industry’s TAM, and let us guide you through our 7-step process to uncover the ICP(s) that deserve dedicated sales motions tied to SMART targets.

Assess base-state data hygiene and integrated market intelligence

Uncover how automated data acquisition becomes the strategic imperative that dramatically accelerates existing GTM strategies, and also drives fast, agile pivots when market conditions change.

Optimize CRM and supporting systems for future-state growth

Remove friction and increase automation to improve team productivity and accelerate how you operationalize the most relevant segments in the multi-unit restaurant industry.


Understand your place in the market

Validate existing sales and marketing strategies with a tailored market intelligence analysis complete with data-driven, actionable recommendations prepared by restaurant industry experts.


Align your business with
GTM experts

Leverage Restaurantology’s expert guidance and support services to optimize go-to-market efforts, operationalize systems and teams, and build predictable revenue.

“My mission is to help companies do what I couldn’t do 10 years ago: put together a data-driven GTM strategy that grows the business. I have this knowledge, and I feel compelled—if not responsible—to share it.”

Grant Gadoci

CEO and Co-Founder, Restaurantology

Frequently asked questions

What is Restaurantology’s MarketMinds™ program?

MarketMinds™ is a specialized consulting program offering expert, industry-specific guidance and support to companies of all shapes and sizes that sell products or services to restaurants.

What problem does MarketMinds™ help solve?

Selling to restaurants is difficult, particularly for those who are doing it for the first time. Our industry is filled with nuance, and it can sometimes take months (or longer) to perfect a restaurant tech GTM. MarketMinds™ aims to bring decades of trial and error, relevant findings, and heavy-handed recommendations to companies who would rather take a shortcut to speed-to-market, competitive advantage, and profitability.

What ongoing support can Restaurantology offer?

Restaurantology supports customers with a variety of fractional services across a spectrum of core competencies, including:

Ops: CRM and tech stack optimization, process documentation and improvement, reporting and analytics, market segmentation and chase list generation, data integrity management
Sales: rep management and career coaching, team alignment and territory plans, quota generation and attainment reporting, job descriptions and assisted hiring, team member onboarding
Marketing: corporate brand and product messaging, content review