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April 2024

Data Enrichment Mapping for Automated (Ongoing) Hygiene

Admins can now create custom field mappings for continuous data enrichment during various stages: new Accounts created by Restaurantology, existing Accounts matched to new RestaurantologyLog records, and during monthly data downloads. Custom default values can be used to meet ongoing field validation requirements.

Multi-Unit Import & Data Management

View, dedupe, assess, and import important unit-level data—including complete address and phone number—into existing SFDC hierarchies.

Custom Visualforce Unit & Tech Calls

View historical unit count and technographic data without the need for localized historical multi-unit records.

Data Matching Helper Improvements

The newest version of the SFDC managed package offers significant improvements to how new SFDC Accounts are batch-created by Restaurantology via the App Center.

Scan and Match Data Improvements

New features include progress bards, unlimited number of records imported in a single job (previously 25), DML complete error report to detect and correct eventual problems.

App-based Import Permissions

Customize new import tool privileges by User Role or individual User(s).

Improved System Picklist Support

Set system preferences for Billing Address fields, with full optional picklist mapping for States/Provinces and Country. Define preferred record types for new Concept, Company, and Unit Account records created via Restaurantology.

“Test Import” Settings in Managed Package

Users can test standard and custom data enrichment mappings, along with general import settings, with single click to isolate and analyze record import or update errors.

GUI Improvements

Extensive support for pop-ups in modal applications, and for Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) in Visualforce pages.

Bug Fixes
  • Better management of null objects
  • Visual corrections to tabs in the application setup
  • New background health process deployed to identify client-side processes potentially resulting in delayed RestaurantologyLog availability

June 2023

New Home Screen

Access all Restaurantology options conveniently from a single panel, enhancing user experience.

Improved GUI

Enjoy a better user interface with enhanced visual elements, including confirmation pop-ups and modal windows. Seamless integration with the Lightning Experience environment.

Scan and Match Data

In addition to the existing Data Matching Helper, you can now find matches between Restaurantology records and Salesforce Accounts using a cache, and improving the overall detection rate. Apply advanced filters such as Service Type, Candidate Match, Urban Area, Ownership, Territory, and Lifecycle.

Hide Elements

Temporarily or permanently hide suggestions related to relationships between Restaurantology records and Accounts. Easily restore previously blocked suggestions in a single click.

Task Manager

Gain transparency and control over background processes in Restaurantology. Monitor the status of services, pause them if needed, or collect advanced information for technical assistance.

New Support Services

Monitor the health status of Restaurantology records with automatic management and resolution of potential issues. Advanced logs for tracking recurrent operations performed through Restaurantology.

Permission Sets

Predefined permission set templates for a faster deployment of the application. Clone and adapt permission settings according to your specific needs.

Bug Fixes

More efficient handling of queued processes, minimizing the risk of lost tasks during Salesforce maintenance operations.

Help Center

Explore our improved Help Center for detailed guides, FAQs, and resources to assist you in maximizing your experience with our product.

February 2023

New Fields

13 new fields, including % Growth over 6 months, growth/closure trends, and inferred status.

New Dashboard

Unit Trend Insights dashboard.

Implementation Setup Wizard

Configure an external endpoint in seconds.

Duplicate Tracker

Review suspected duplicates by Account Name or Website.

Data Matching Helper

Quicky review candidate matches, and mass-create new records un bulk.

Error Logs

Track failed updates and resolve internally.