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January 2023 – Chrome Extension 2.5

Inferred Status

Recent growth and historical closure insights combined into a single prescriptive status.

New Search Filters

We’ve added several new ways to “reverse look-up” across our entire multi-unit dataset.


Configure Restaurantology to connect with your Salesforce, HubSpot, and Gmail accounts.


Visualize industry TAM and tech stack insights with customizable list and chart components.

Interactive Maps

Aggregate and unit-level maps that can now be navigated down to the street-view level.

Search Logic

Perform compound look-ups to compare swathes of the industry quickly and efficiently.

Saved Filters

Create a library of go-to filters for territory summaries, partner landscapes, competitors, and more.

App Center

Search history, profile view history, detection monitor, and more.


We’ve added badges to help you quickly identify if a concept is growing, declining, and if it has any units in places of interest such as malls, airports, and more.


You can now update the look and feel of your Chrome extension, choosing from dark mode, color accessible, and a variety of other custom themes for the v2 sidebar.


Usage tips and industry definitions in our Help Center are now included in various parts of the sidebar to help users navigate and understand key insights more quickly.

Manifest V3 Compatibility

Restaurantology’s sidebar is now compliant with Google’s manifest v3 requirements, which includes heightened security, privacy, and performance for Chrome extension users.

Chrome Extension 1.0

Notification Center

Alerts regarding updates to ‘Followed” profiles.

Unit Trends

Six-month summary of unit growth on profile’s About tab.

Chrome Extension 0.99

Search History

List of both searches and profile views.


‘Favorite’ profiles to create a custom list of alphabetized profiles for faster viewing.

Chrome Extension 0.98

Service Type Charts

Company-level pie charts depicting unit breakdown by Service Type.

Technographic Insights

Initial technographic findings by Restaurantology profile. 


Additional details for similarly-named profiles.

Closed Units

Initial lists for related units known to be permanently closed.

Chrome Extension 0.97

Concept and Company Profiles

Multi-unit profiles for known, verified restaurant concepts and companies.

Global Search

Keyword and website search across the entire multi-unit dataset.