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As a user of Restaurantology’s managed package in Salesforce, you have access to a collection of powerful dashboards that provide valuable insights into the restaurant industry. In this article we will introduce you to six existing dashboards included in the Restaurantology package and explain their intended purposes and recommended usage.

Note: All Restaurantology dashboards are located in the Restaurantology Insight Dashboards folder. Users who lack access should contact their Salesforce system administrator.

Sample Salesforce dashboard: Restaurantology Tech Insights
  1. ✨ Restaurantology TAM Insights

    • Summary: This dashboard provides Total Addressable Market (TAM) insights, helping you understand both market size and potential opportunities.

    • Recommended Usage: Utilize this dashboard to identify target segments and make informed strategic decisions on market penetration and expansion.

  2. 🖥️ Restaurantology Tech Insights

    • Summary: The Tech Insights dashboard focuses on technology adoption trends within the restaurant industry, allowing you to stay updated on the latest tech trends and identify prospects who might benefit from specific solutions.

    • Recommended Usage: Leverage this dashboard to prioritize outreach efforts and align your sales strategy with the technology landscape of your target accounts.

  3. 🗺️ Restaurantology Territory Insights

    • Summary: This dashboard provides comprehensive territory-level insights, helping you optimize territory planning, resource allocation, and sales performance tracking.

    • Recommended Usage: Gain a deeper understanding of your territories, identify growth opportunities, and track sales performance to drive targeted actions and maximize revenue.

  4. 📈 Restaurantology Unit Trend Insights

    • Summary: The Unit Trend Insights dashboard allows you to analyze unit growth patterns and identify emerging trends in the restaurant industry.

    • Recommended Usage: Monitor unit growth trends, identify high-growth prospects or potential saturation points, and align your sales strategy accordingly.

  5. 🎯 Restaurantology Account Coverage Insights

    • Summary: This dashboard focuses on account coverage metrics, providing visibility into the distribution of accounts across territories and highlighting potential coverage gaps.

    • Recommended Usage: Optimize sales coverage by identifying under-served areas, ensuring balanced account assignments, and maximizing revenue potential.

  6. ✔️ Restaurantology Data Integrity Dashboard

    • Summary: The Data Integrity Dashboard allows you to monitor the quality and completeness of your Salesforce data, identify data inconsistencies or errors, and take corrective actions.

    • Recommended Usage: Regularly review and enhance data quality, ensuring accurate reporting, reliable insights, and effective decision-making.

Note for admins

While these dashboards serve as a starting point, we encourage Restaurantology customers to create copies of these dashboards and customize them according to their organization’s specific needs. Add your organization’s thumbprint to make them truly tailored to your business requirements.

By utilizing these dashboards, both standard users and admins can gain actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and drive success in their sales and marketing efforts within the restaurant industry.