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Concept and Company records in the Restaurantology Chrome extension can have any number of badges associated with their dedicated multi-unit profile.



Badges can be seen when reviewing standard and advanced search profile results (as pictured below), as well as within the About tab of a Restaurantology profile.


There are currently 11 badges that can be associated with a Restaurantology profile: 

ProfileManaged RecordRestaurantology is using its proprietary technology to verify unit counts directly from the website each month.
ProfileRecently Verified/UpdatedUnit counts and technographic insights have been verified within the past 30 days.
TrendHigh GrowthGrowth is rapid and closures are minimal.
TrendEmergingGrowth is positive and closures are minimal.
TrendDecliningGrowth is negative and closures are moderate.
TrendStrugglingGrowth is negative and closures are significant.
POIMallsHas units in (or near) retail centers.
POIAirportsHas units in (or near) airports.
POIEducational PlacesHas units in (or near) schools or universities.
POIHospitalsHas units in (or near) hospitals.
POIPortsHas units in (or near) ports.