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For customers with CRM integration, users who open the Restaurantology sidebar while on a Salesforce Account will automatically query our database for relevant matches.

Note. This is a configuration that can be turned on/off by user. To review your Salesforce search settings, click the gear (⚙️) icon in the sidebar, and select Integrations.

To perform a search using an underlying Salesforce Account, simply:

  1. Navigate to a Salesforce Account record
  2. Verify that the Account has valid data in the standard website field, and that the website field is visible on the page layout
  3. Open the Restaurantology sidebar

Pro Tip: Opening the sidebar on other objects with website and/or email fields will return recommended results.

Salesforce users who open the sidebar on any non-Account object, be it a standard or custom object, will receive recommended searches in the sidebar’s search results provided there are email or website fields present.

Example: opening the sidebar on a Lead record will scan for website and email domain matches and allow you to perform searches by selecting ‘Go’.