Why Restaurantology

Making data collection simpler,
pleasant and predictable.

Restaurantology is an industry insight database that gives you the right information to get work done. Individuals and fast-growing companies use Restaurantology to power their revenue teams, take ownership of their data, and drive their business forward.

Good data builds business


Restaurantology puts millions of industry insights at your fingertips in a matter of seconds, reducing qualification times and strengthening prospect discovery.


Restaurantology’s analytics make it easier for anyone to follow industry trends without the noise of bad data, and without needing an extensive reporting and operations background.


Restaurantology gives you the data you need to approach the industry strategically, methodically, and intentionally.

Built for every team across your enterprise

No matter which branch of the org chart you call home, you can benefit from Restaurantology’s data insights.

Who is using Restaurantology?

Sales reps looking for a faster, more complete overview of their prospects

Sales managers and leaders defining (or refining) TAM into equitable sales territories

Marketing teams hoping to better segment their existing audiences

Business analysts needing to calculate industry greenfield opportunities

Startup executives interested in making data-driven, strategic decisions

Established companies hoping to clean up historical noisy data