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Browse 15,000+ multi-unit restaurant profiles to drive revenue growth, operationalize your systems, and develop a team of empowered restaurant industry experts. 

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What is Restaurantology and
what does it do?

Restaurantology is a multi-unit foodservice insight database designed to help everyone — not just “industry insiders” — better understand the restaurant industry. We specialize in analyzing siloed, publicly available data and mapping the results to familiar and consistent profiles, creating a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use.

Why is this important?

Restaurant industry data changes quickly. Updating unit counts, understanding ownership hierarchies, and tracking tech adoption over time can be difficult. Finding a qualified data partner can result in higher territory and rep confidence, faster time to insight and action, and better overall deals.

Chrome Extension

Move fast and stay connected

Add Restaurantology’s Chrome extension to your browser for an integrated, on-demand foodservice insight database.

Access insights quickly

Accelerate prospecting, strengthen discovery, and keep conversations focused.

Stay in the loop

Follow target profiles and get notified when things change.

Ramp new reps faster

Access key information, eliminate guesswork, and promote confidence and accuracy.

CRM Integration

Scale your data organization

Monthly CRM updates accelerate the speed of information sharing and improve the effectiveness of your teams.

Automate data capture

Integrate verified data to eliminate manual entry and bad data.

Focus on what matters

Micro-target your ideal customer profile with ease and precision.

Connect teams

Foster a culture of data-driven decision making so team members feel connected, focused, and empowered.