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Advice and answers from the Restaurantology Team

Restaurantology allows Chrome extension users to visualize TAM and tech insights using both dashboards and charts.

Accessing the dashboard

Dashboards are a part of the Restaurantology App Center, which is a collection of quick-lists and widgets intended to help users navigate through our dataset more quickly, and with purpose.

To access Dashboards, click the App Center icon in the toolbar and select Dashboard.


To begin creating your Dashboard, first start by creating one (or more) sections:

  1. Click Edit
  2. Click Add Section.
  3. Give your section a Title.
  4. Choose from 1 to 3 columns for your new section.
  5. Click Insert.

Once you’ve inserted your first section you can begin adding one or more widgets.

  1. Click Add Widget.
  2. Choose a widget Title.
  3. Selection your widget Type:
    • Lists → create Excel-style summaries of selected concepts or companies.
    • Concept/Company Tiles → create individual or groups of profile tiles.
    • Tech monitors → create charts and graphs for individual or groups of software.
  4. Inside the new widget, click Settings
  5. Choose one (or more, if appropriate) concept or company profiles to insert.
  6. Click Apply.

Dashboard Tips & Tricks

Positioning and Organization

Dashboard components, be they sections or widgets, can be reorganized via drag-and-drop. To reposition something, simply click and drag the component using the corresponding icons.

Tech Detection Counts & Unit Sums

Tech monitor charts can be customized to either count individual detections (websites) or to sum their corresponding unit counts. Review the widget’s Settings to toggle between the two options.

Interactive Charts

Tech Monitor bar and doughnut charts have interactive elements that can be hidden and visualized after rendering.