Knowledge Hub

Advice and answers from the Restaurantology Team

The Restaurantology Chrome extension is complete with an App Center, where you’ll find both quick-lists and widgets intended to help you navigate faster through our dataset.

Accessing the App Center

The App Center can be accessed by clicking on the App Center icon in the sidebar toolbar.


The App Center currently includes:

  • Dashboard – A customized view of your favorite concepts, tech monitors, and more.
  • Following – A consolidated list of the concepts and companies you’ve chosen to Follow.
  • Profile History – A list of the concept and company profiles you’ve clicked into.
  • Search History – A list of the keywords and URLs you’ve passed to Restaurantology.
  • Tip of the Day – Usage recommendations that can be turned on and off from the App Center.
  • Knowledgebase – Restaurantology’s entire Knowledge Hub is available inside the sidebar, connecting you to tips-and-tricks, FAQs, and more.