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Qualifying a restaurant group shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds, provided you have the right tools.

Restaurantology offers a variety of firmographic insights by analyzing siloed, publicly available data and mapping the results to familiar and consistent profiles for its users to find, understand, and use.

Firmographic Insights

Firmographic insights are the collection of information you can ascertain about a company, the majority of which you can likely find using Google. These insights include the total number of units owned (TAM), where the units and/or corporate office is located, and whether or not the Concept is owned by a larger organization. When known, additional insights can things like Service Type, Price Range, Categories (aka what they’re known for), and various web profiling and website data summaries that add additional color and context during profile qualification.

Firmographic insights can be broken down into the following sub-groups:

  1. Unit Count
  2. Categories (aka Known for)
  3. Service Type
  4. Price Range
  5. Concepts and Companies
  6. Ownership and Franchises
  7. Market Segmentation
  8. Territory

A firmographic assessment may look or sound something like this:

11-unit SMB limited-service Concept. Known for eggs and breakfast, mid-priced brunch on weekends. Corporate office is in Atlanta, with all locations in Georgia. No apparent parent or owner, no clear franchise locations.

Using our firmographic sub-groups, the above example gives us plenty of detail:

Firmographic Sub-categoryInsights
Unit Count11
CategoriesEggs, Breakfast, Brunch
Service TypeLimited-Service (LSR)
Price RangeMid-priced
Concepts and CompaniesConcept
Ownership and FranchisesNone
Market SegmentationSMB
TerritoryAtlanta, Georgia (US)