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Advice and answers from the Restaurantology Team

When you’re working in Salesforce, it’s easy to reference Restaurantology’s firmographic and technographic insights.

Viewing Restaurantology insights on Account records

Depending on your Salesforce org’s configuration, Restaurantology insights can be seen in various places on an Account record:

  • In custom fields
  • Within a custom sub-tab
  • In a side Visualforce widget
  • In visual reporting elements
  • In related records (Restaurantology Logs)

Salesforce admins can move key elements, organizing them to keep their users moving quickly.

Important: Restaurantology’s monthly data pushes do not overwrite Salesforce Account fields, such as Location Counts or Service Type, by default. Your organization may configure custom updates or workflows as it sees fit.

Connecting or disconnecting Restaurantology Logs

Users and admins can connect a Salesforce Account to a Restaurantology profile using the Visualforce widget, after which all future Restaurantology Logs will automatically be assigned with the Account.

To use the Visualforce widget, make sure:

  • Your Salesforce Profile has the correct object and field permissions, and
  • The Visualforce widget has been added to the Account page layout

Using the sidebar while in Salesforce

Restaurantology’s Chrome extension can scan Salesforce pages to perform searches when the sidebar is opened. Learn how to search on standard and custom objects.