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Use Salesforce and Restaurantology together to automate how you consume industry data with the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date restaurant data.


Salesforce CRM integration is an additional DaaS offering. Learn more about the API services here.

How it works

Restaurantology provides a custom Salesforce API integration that includes one (1) custom object and a variety of custom fields and Visualforce widgets that allow customers to enhance their reporting, append missing data, and automate behaviors, updates, and workflows as they see fit.

Monthly syncs push all firmographic and technographic insights to the Restaurantology Log object.

Update Account layouts

Salesforce admins can customize page layouts with dedicated tabs, integrated reporting, custom widgets, and historical logs.

Compartmentalize Restaurantology’s monthly data with its own Account sub-tab.

Create visual depictions of month-over-month data for users to review and consume quickly and easily.

Add custom Visualforce widgets to highlight frequency and accuracy. Control data mappings without code.

Access historical Restaurantology Logs to see unit trends, key technology changes, and more.

Here’s an example of a highly customized Salesforce Account view:

Create custom reports and dashboards

With Restaurantology’s insights fueling your CRM, users and admins can create standard and custom reports to build territories, micro-target marketing audiences

Here’s a sample Salesforce dashboard built from Restaurantology Log firmographic information:

Similarly, here’s a sample Salesforce dashboard built from Restaurantology Log technographic information: