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In the world of multi-unit restaurants, it’s not uncommon for concepts to share similar or identical names. This can create confusion when trying to differentiate between records, especially as you delve deeper into the “long-tail” where multiple records across different states may share the same or similar name. To address this challenge, Restaurantology introduces the concept of disambiguation to ensure accurate data representation and identification.

Unique Website Requirement

Restaurantology’s primary approach to disambiguation is by requiring that all multi-unit profiles have a unique website. We strongly recommend that our customers adopt this approach in their CRM whenever possible. By ensuring each multi-unit record has a distinct website, you can effectively differentiate between entities and reduce ambiguity.

Disambiguation Details in the Chrome Extension

The Restaurantology Chrome extension provides a user-friendly interface for visualizing disambiguation details. When viewing a multi-unit restaurant profile that shares a name with another profile, the record name is appended with a superscript identifier used to disambiguate each entry. This allows users to quickly assess and differentiate between similar profiles and make informed decisions based on the disambiguation data.

Disambiguation in Salesforce (SFDC)

Within Salesforce, disambiguation is also utilized to help users identify and select the correct multi-unit record.

In the RestaurantologyLog Name field in the managed package’s custom object—as well as in the Account Name field for records created by admins using the Restaurantology App—special characters are introduced to provide disambiguation details that render each record name unique. These indicators enable users to accurately identify the desired record even when faced with multiple options that share similar names.


Restaurantology Name

    • Crave Cupcakes {{{AB}}}
    • Crave Cupcakes {{{TX}}}

Account Name

    • Crave Cupcakes {{{AB}}}
    • Crave Cupcakes {{{TX}}}


Disambiguation plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and precise identification of multi-unit restaurant concepts. By adopting the unique website requirement and leveraging the disambiguation details provided by Restaurantology, users can confidently navigate and make informed decisions within the Chrome extension and their CRM. This leads to improved data integrity and better overall operational efficiency.