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Looking to upgrade from the free version of Restaurantology to a paid plan? That’s great news! You’ll be one step closer to accessing more Restaurantology features and removing certain extension limits. We’ve outlined everything you need to know to upgrade your license below.

Note: If you choose to upgrade your license in the middle of a month, your first invoice may represent prorated usage. Your next renewal will occur on the first of the following month or year (depending on whether you select a monthly or annual payment schedule).

Upgrade a license

Any member can upgrade a free license to a paid license by contacting Restaurantology and requesting an upgrade. At the time you upgrade, you’ll be billed for the number of active users in your individual or company workspace.

When you’re ready to upgrade, use the steps below:

  • Visit to review plans and pricing details.
  • Choose the plan that is right for you
  • Choose a payment schedule: month-to-month or yearly (bill in advance)
  • Choose a payment type: credit card or EFT

To request the upgrade, use the Contact Sales form to provide the [1] plan, [2] payment schedule, and [3] payment type you’ve selected, along with your company name and contact information.

Note: Customers choosing to pay by credit card may be subjected to credit card processing fees.