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As a standard user of Restaurantology, you have access to powerful market intelligence that can enhance your prospecting and customer engagement efforts. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways you can reference Restaurantology market intelligence directly on Salesforce Account records.

  1. Custom Fields: To leverage the rich insights provided by Restaurantology, custom fields have been added to the Account record via the managed package. These fields include Total Locations Overall, Service Type, Known For, and Latest Restaurantology Tech Data. These fields are validated and updated on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy. You can incorporate these fields into custom reports and dashboards to get a comprehensive view of your prospects and customers.

  2. Related Restaurantology Logs: By referencing the related Restaurantology Logs, you can access both the most recent and historical insights. These logs provide a complete snapshot of our firmographic, technographic, territory, and lifecycle insights. Whether you need to understand a prospect’s industry trends or gather information about a customer’s historical detections, the Restaurantology Logs are a valuable resource.

  3. Salesforce Visualforce Component: To make it even easier to access key information, a Restaurantology widget is often injected into the Account page layout. This widget provides high-level details such as unit counts, service type, trading area, and the latest tech detections. It gives users a quick overview of Restaurantology’s market intelligence without the need to navigate away from the Account record.

Note for Admins

Admins play a crucial role in ensuring that standard users can fully leverage Restaurantology’s market intelligence. It’s important to add the custom fields, look-ups, and components mentioned in this article to your existing and future Account page layouts. By doing so, you enable standard users to access and benefit from the valuable insights offered by Restaurantology. Additionally, the appearance of the Visualforce component can be customized in the Restaurantology App Center within Setup & Settings > Settings and Maintenance.

By utilizing these features, standard users can tap into the power of Restaurantology’s market intelligence directly on Salesforce Account records. It enables you to make data-driven decisions, understand your prospects and customers better, and drive successful customer engagements.