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Understanding a restaurant’s existing technology landscape could make or break a SaaS deal. Having this intelligence is often paramount.

Restaurantology offers a variety of technographic insights by analyzing siloed, publicly available data and mapping the results to familiar and consistent profiles for its users to find, understand, and use.

Technographic Insights

Technographic insights are any pieces of tech stack information that may help you better understand opportunities or potential friction within an opportunity. This information could be gathered freely by browsing a restaurant’s website (public info), or during a technical discovery (private info) after probing for relevant insights.

A technographic assessment may look or sound something like this:

Concept has mobile apps and uses Tripleseat for off-prem event management. They’ve integrated their applicant tracking into their website, have a loyalty offering and guest acquisition strategy, and use OpenTable for reservations.

Why is this important?

Technographic data offers a window into company technology use, buying patterns, and overall trust (or distrust) of technology in general. Combined with targeted marketing and sales efforts, this information provides a way to significantly improve conversion outcomes.

Four actionable benefits of technographic data include:

  • Improved segmentation
  • Enhanced specificity
  • Increased prioritization
  • Reduced lead time

Technographic data makes it possible for marketing and sales teams to create tactical, targeted campaigns that speak to the real-life issues faced by restaurants undergoing digital transformation.


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