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It’s often important to not only know how many units a Concept or Company has, but to understand where a brand is when creating a sales coverage map. Knowing that P. Terry’s Burger Stand has 20+ units isn’t enough to make it strategically actionable.

Restaurantology uses a bottoms-up approach to powering territory insights by matching individual restaurant units to their corresponding Concept and/or Company profiles. In doing so, users can benefit from literally pinpointed geography analytics to finally have a complete, if not exhaustive, list of target prospects in their territory.

Restaurantology Profile: Trading Area, Maps & Unit Lists

Territory Advanced Search Functionality

There are currently 2 ways to perform an advanced search by territory within the Restaurantology database:

  1. By prevalent State
  2. By prevalent Urban Area

1. Prevalent State

Because Restaurantology works vigorously to associate units with their roll-up profiles, users can use the Chrome extension’s Advanced Search functionality to identify Concepts or Companies that have 51% of their units in the State or Province of their choosing.

Restaurantology Advanced Search: Prevalent State

2. Prevalent Urban Area

Similar to prevalent State, Restaurantology users can also dig deeper into territory alignment by searching for a prevalent urban area. Our geographic library includes 274 major and minor US and Canadian metropolitan areas, matching unit-level Zip Codes within the metroplex and identifying when 51% of the profile unit count is found within its borders.

Restaurantology Advanced Search: Prevalent Urban Area