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Multi-unit growth summary – February 2022 Recap

February 28, 2022 | Industry News Monthly Growth Summary | by Grant Gadoci

This is part two in a continued series documenting multi-unit restaurant growth in the United States and Canada.

Across the country, both well known and emerging restaurant brands are expanding their reach with new restaurant openings, and at an increasing pace.

After last year’s continued lull in restaurant openings, largely due to hesitation around regional lockdowns and skepticism of an acutely strained supply chain, multi-unit operators are once again looking to launch new projects as things heat up in 2022.

Here’s a look at this month’s growing restaurant brands.

January to February 2022 unit growth, by Concept

ConceptParentService TypeJanFebChange%
Dutch Bros CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)588597+92%
Hungry Howie's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)535536+10%
MOD PizzaLimited Service (LSR)522523+10%
McAlister's DeliFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)509518+92%
Freddy's Frozen Custard & SteakburgersLimited Service (LSR)446447+10%
Crumbl CookiesLimited Service (LSR)318352+3411%
Kung Fu TeaKung Fu Tea RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)345351+62%
WienerschnitzelGalardi GroupLimited Service (LSR)326327+10%
The Habit Burger GrillYum! BrandsLimited Service (LSR)316317+10%
Mountain Mike's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)258263+52%
Jason's DeliLimited Service (LSR)249250+10%
Chicken Salad ChickLimited Service (LSR)209212+31%
YogurtlandLimited Service (LSR)208209+10%
SmallCakes Cupcakery and CreameryLimited Service (LSR)186192+63%
Mellow MushroomFull Service (FSR)173174+11%
Sushi ShopMTY Food Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)166168+21%
CAVACava Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)163166+32%
KilwinsLimited Service (LSR)157158+11%
Black Bear DinerFull Service (FSR)145146+11%
Pizza InnRave Restaurant GroupLimited Service (LSR)144145+11%
The Human BeanLimited Service (LSR)138142+43%
Playa BowlsLimited Service (LSR)129132+32%
CoraFull Service (FSR)129130+11%
Mucho BurritoMTY Food Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)123124+11%
Clean JuiceLimited Service (LSR)112118+65%
Andy's Frozen CustardLimited Service (LSR)113118+54%
BonChonLimited Service (LSR)111114+33%
Mission BBQLimited Service (LSR)111114+33%
Duck DonutsLimited Service (LSR)103105+22%
Teriyaki MadnessLimited Service (LSR)98102+44%
Jeremiah's Italian IceLimited Service (LSR)98101+33%
Torchy's TacosLimited Service (LSR)99100+11%
Paris BaguetteLimited Service (LSR)9899+11%
Miller's Ale HouseFull Service (FSR)9697+11%
PrimoHoagiesLimited Service (LSR)9396+33%
RobeksLimited Service (LSR)9495+11%
Sonny's BBQFull Service (FSR)9192+11%
Black Rock Coffee BarLimited Service (LSR)9091+11%
Vocelli PizzaLimited Service (LSR)8788+11%
WahlburgersLimited Service (LSR)7385+1216%
JollibeeJollibee Foods CorporationLimited Service (LSR)7884+68%
Pizza GuysLimited Service (LSR)8384+11%
Pollo CamperoLimited Service (LSR)8081+11%
Freshslice PizzaLimited Service (LSR)7677+11%
Handels Homemade Ice Cream & YogurtLimited Service (LSR)7175+46%
Blake's LotaburgerLimited Service (LSR)7273+11%
CHOPT Creative Salad Co.Founders Table Restaurant GroupLimited Service (LSR)7072+23%
Crab Du JourFull Service (FSR)6871+34%
Arctic CircleLimited Service (LSR)7071+11%
PokeworksLimited Service (LSR)6970+11%
Philz CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)6568+35%
BAMBULimited Service (LSR)6668+23%
Romeo's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)6567+23%
PDQLimited Service (LSR)6567+23%
BiscuitvilleLimited Service (LSR)6667+12%
Walk-On's Sports BistreauxMorrison CompaniesFull Service (FSR)6466+23%
Beans & Brews CoffeehouseLimited Service (LSR)6566+12%
Dog HausLimited Service (LSR)6465+12%
Bubbakoo's BurritosLimited Service (LSR)6264+23%
Cafe ZupasLimited Service (LSR)6062+23%
Rock N Roll SushiBOLD Restaurant BrandsFull Service (FSR)5860+23%
Triple O'sWhite Spot RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)5860+23%
Crafty CrabFull Service (FSR)5960+12%
Poke Bros.Limited Service (LSR)5960+12%
Kolache FactoryLimited Service (LSR)5859+12%
Chicago's Pizza With a TwistLimited Service (LSR)5558+35%
Pizza TwistLimited Service (LSR)5357+48%
Salad And GoLimited Service (LSR)5156+510%
Hero Certified BurgersLimited Service (LSR)4754+715%
Snooze, An A.M. EateryFull Service (FSR)5054+48%
It's Boba TimeLimited Service (LSR)5354+12%
Bluestone LaneLimited Service (LSR)5354+12%
Tubby's Sub ShopLimited Service (LSR)5354+12%
Red MangoBRIX HoldingsLimited Service (LSR)4553+818%
Pulp Juice and Smoothie BarLimited Service (LSR)5152+12%
D.P. DoughLimited Service (LSR)4951+24%
Mendocino FarmsLimited Service (LSR)4650+49%
World Of BeerFull Service (FSR)4849+12%
Dave's Hot ChickenLimited Service (LSR)4448+49%
Ziggi's CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)4648+24%
FiiZ DrinksLimited Service (LSR)4047+718%
Lefty's CheesesteakLimited Service (LSR)4447+37%
BIBIBOP Asian GrillGosh Enterprises, Inc.Limited Service (LSR)4647+12%
California Fish GrillLimited Service (LSR)4647+12%
Kura Revolving Sushi BarFull Service (FSR)3946+718%
Moge TeeLimited Service (LSR)4246+410%
Gloria Jean's CoffeesLimited Service (LSR)4546+12%
La GranjaLimited Service (LSR)4144+37%
Oberweis DairyOberweis Family of RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)3543+823%
Canadian Pizza UnlimitedLimited Service (LSR)4243+12%
Copper BranchLimited Service (LSR)3942+38%
BoustanLimited Service (LSR)3740+38%
Beard Papa'sLimited Service (LSR)3940+13%
Texas Chicken & BurgersLimited Service (LSR)3940+13%
Greek's PizzeriaLimited Service (LSR)3940+13%
Afters Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)3639+38%
Halibut House Fish & ChipsLimited Service (LSR)3739+25%
Westside PizzaLimited Service (LSR)3839+13%
TsaocaaLimited Service (LSR)2938+931%
East Coast Wings + GrillFull Service (FSR)3438+412%
Bubba's 33Texas Roadhouse RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)3738+13%
Stella's PlaceLaredo HospitalityFull Service (FSR)3437+39%
Nick The GreekLimited Service (LSR)3537+26%
Frutta BowlsWOWorksLimited Service (LSR)3536+13%
Summermoon Coffee BarLimited Service (LSR)3335+26%
Pizza Depot {{{Canada}}}Limited Service (LSR)3334+13%
Crave Hot Dogs & BarbecueLimited Service (LSR)2633+727%
Cupbop - Korean BBQLimited Service (LSR)3033+310%
Foxtail Coffee Co.Limited Service (LSR)3033+310%
ShowmarsLimited Service (LSR)3233+13%
La Colombe CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)3132+13%
Rotolo's PizzeriaFull Service (FSR)2931+27%
Shake SmartLimited Service (LSR)2931+27%
Famoso Neapolitan PizzeriaFull Service (FSR)3031+13%
Jefferson'sFull Service (FSR)3031+13%
Flower ChildFox Restaurant ConceptsLimited Service (LSR)3031+13%
Bad Ass CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)2230+836%
Eskimo HutLimited Service (LSR)2630+415%
Toarmina's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)2629+312%
DigLimited Service (LSR)2829+14%
The Chicken ShackLimited Service (LSR)2628+28%
Olga's KitchenTEAM Schostak Family RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)2628+28%
TasteaLimited Service (LSR)2628+28%
Lupe TortillaFull Service (FSR)2728+14%
Seasons PizzaLimited Service (LSR)2728+14%
Epic Wings N' ThingsLimited Service (LSR)2728+14%
The Paleta BarLimited Service (LSR)2728+14%
Coco FruttiFull Service (FSR)2027+735%
OH! K-DogLimited Service (LSR)2327+417%
Hawaiian BrosLimited Service (LSR)2527+28%
Pizzeria N° 900Full Service (FSR)2627+14%
Main Squeeze Juice Co.Limited Service (LSR)2627+14%
The CatchLimited Service (LSR)1726+953%
Kale Me CrazyLimited Service (LSR)2326+313%
Wow Wow Lemonade StandLimited Service (LSR)2224+29%
Pi Co.Limited Service (LSR)2324+14%
Chung Chun Rice HotdogLimited Service (LSR)2324+14%
Parlor DoughnutsLimited Service (LSR)1623+744%
Two Hands Corn DogsLimited Service (LSR)1923+421%
Tatte Bakery & CafeLimited Service (LSR)2023+315%
T-Swirl CrêpeLimited Service (LSR)2023+315%
P. Terry's Burger StandLimited Service (LSR)2123+210%
Tutti Frutti Breakfast & LunchMTY Food Group Inc.Full Service (FSR)2223+15%
DomoishiLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Bubble Waffle CafeLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
CosìLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Saxbys CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)2022+210%
Detroit Wing CompanyLimited Service (LSR)2022+210%
Huckleberry'sHeritage Restaurant BrandsFull Service (FSR)2122+15%
BreWingZ Sports Bar & GrillBreWingZ RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)2122+15%
Joe Coffee CompanyLimited Service (LSR)2122+15%
I Heart Mac & CheeseLimited Service (LSR)2122+15%
Crust Pizza CoLimited Service (LSR)2122+15%
Island Fin Poke Co.Limited Service (LSR)1921+211%
Buddy's PizzaFull Service (FSR)2021+15%
Mugshots Grill & BarFull Service (FSR)2021+15%
Tacos 4 LifeLimited Service (LSR)2021+15%
EverytableLimited Service (LSR)1420+643%
LemonadeModern Restaurant ConceptsLimited Service (LSR)1820+211%
Bricktown BreweryFull Service (FSR)1920+15%
Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi BarFull Service (FSR)1920+15%
J. Alexander's RestaurantSPB HospitalityFull Service (FSR)1920+15%
Ubatuba AcaiLimited Service (LSR)1920+15%
Buttermilk Sky Pie ShopLimited Service (LSR)1920+15%
Fish City GrillFish City Grill & Half ShellsFull Service (FSR)1819+16%
Fromagerie VictoriaLimited Service (LSR)1819+16%
Savvy SlidersLimited Service (LSR)1618+213%
Umami BurgerFull Service (FSR)1718+16%
Pepperoni'sLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Angry Crab ShackLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
WingsUp!Limited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Ivar's Seafood BarIvar's RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Blenders in the GrassLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Sunright Tea StudioLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Angry ChickzLimited Service (LSR)1217+542%
Matto EspressoLimited Service (LSR)1517+213%
Ford's Garage23 Restaurant ServicesFull Service (FSR)1617+16%
Azteca Mexican RestaurantAzteca Mexican RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)1617+16%
Panini Kabob GrillLimited Service (LSR)1617+16%
Hoots WingsLimited Service (LSR)1216+433%
Mr. Fries ManLimited Service (LSR)1316+323%
Baya BarLimited Service (LSR)1316+323%
Mad for ChickenFull Service (FSR)1416+214%
Emmy Squared PizzaRed Pebbles HospitalityFull Service (FSR)1516+17%
Penguin PointLimited Service (LSR)1516+17%
Crazy Bowls & WrapsLimited Service (LSR)1516+17%
Fishbone SeafoodLimited Service (LSR)1516+17%
D Spot Dessert CafeLimited Service (LSR)1115+436%
Green District SaladsLimited Service (LSR)1115+436%
The MeltLimited Service (LSR)1315+215%
Jacques Cartier PizzaLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Sammy's Pizza & RestaurantLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Friendship BBQLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
7 Brew CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
West Coast SourdoughLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
White Bison CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Tasty Crab HouseFull Service (FSR)1114+327%
Fresh KitchenCiccio Restaurant GroupLimited Service (LSR)1114+327%
BB's Tex-OrleansFull Service (FSR)1314+18%
The Bagel StopLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Carrot ExpressLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs {{{GA}}}Limited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Lady M Cake BoutiqueLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Gabby'sUrban Dining Group Inc.Full Service (FSR)1113+218%
Farm BurgerFull Service (FSR)1213+18%
Hummus RepublicLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
SunLife OrganicsLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
The StandLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
Local CantinaLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
Salsa Fresca Mexican GrillLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
LIT PizzaGo Eat ConceptsLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
Cantina LouieFull Service (FSR)1012+220%
Thai Chili 2 GoLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Voodoo DoughnutLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Acai RepublicLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Tropical GrilleLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
StarbirdLimited Service (LSR)911+222%
MomijiFull Service (FSR)1011+110%
Cilantro Taco GrillLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Big Town HeroLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Plant Power Fast FoodLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Burrito Parrilla MexicanaLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Teddy's Red TacosLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Reborn CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
SushiStopLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Even Stevens SandwichesLimited Service (LSR)710+343%
Mici Handcrafted ItalianLimited Service (LSR)810+225%
Mesquite Fresh Street MexLimited Service (LSR)810+225%
Tres Hermanos NunezFull Service (FSR)910+111%
Sam & Louie'sFull Service (FSR)910+111%
Industria Pizzeria + BarMTY Food Group Inc.Full Service (FSR)910+111%
Tavern In The SquareFull Service (FSR)910+111%
Pura VidaLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Waterbean CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Bourbon Street PizzaLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Magnolia BakeryLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
PLNT BurgerLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
CRISP & GREENLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Chip CityLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
French Truck CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
The Poke CompanyLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Atomic WingsFull Service (FSR)89+113%
Taqueria TsunamiFork U Concepts, LLCFull Service (FSR)89+113%
Mr Moto PizzaLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Hot TableLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Gofer Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Ian's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
CoffeebarLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Mad ChickenLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Buffalo Bill WingsLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Proposition ChickenLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Aubi & RamsaLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Hungry CrabLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Kelly's Homemade Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)68+233%
Kokonut Dessert BarLimited Service (LSR)68+233%
Wolfgang's SteakhouseFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Barney's Gourmet HamburgersFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Azteca D'OroFull Service (FSR)78+114%
The Taco StandLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Crown BurgersLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Crema Gourmet Espresso BarLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Houndstooth CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
BAJA Cali Fish & TacosLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Richman's Ice Cream & Burger Co.Limited Service (LSR)78+114%
Bird Rock Coffee RoastersLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Carmela CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)47+375%
Barrio QueenFull Service (FSR)57+240%
MexicueFull Service (FSR)57+240%
ScarpettaLDV HospitalityFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Backporch DrafthouseFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Blu Jam CafeFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Market Place Kitchen & BarMarketplace Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)67+117%
TartineryFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Vin Sur VingtFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Kung Fu SaloonFull Service (FSR)67+117%
R BurgersLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
The Pie HoleLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
House of BreadLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
The Big SaladLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Sequoia Sandwich CompanyLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
The Salty DonutLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Tribos Peri PeriLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
The Blind Tiger CafeLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Greenleaf Juicing CompanyLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Poke Bowl {{{NY}}}Limited Service (LSR)67+117%
Ramen IsshinFull Service (FSR)46+250%
Aviator PizzaFull Service (FSR)46+250%
My CevicheHospitality Capital PartnersLimited Service (LSR)46+250%
Spice WingLimited Service (LSR)46+250%
Northstar CafeFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Dicicco's Italian RestaurantFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Barrel HouseFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Aztecas Restaurant & CantinaHacienda San Miguel / Aztecas RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Top Dawg TavernFull Service (FSR)56+120%
The Mimosa HouseFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Fuwa Fuwa Japanese PancakesFull Service (FSR)56+120%
FrugalsLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Hibachi Japanese ExpressLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Berry Divine Acai BowlsLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Riko's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Bethesda BagelsLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
All About BurgerLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Pearl's TeaLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Cam's PizzeriaLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
ChickeNuevoLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Great Canadian Pizza & Fried ChickenLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Aussie Grill by OutbackBloomin' Brands, Inc.Limited Service (LSR)56+120%
The VarsityLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Potato Chips DeliLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Joe's Pizza {{{CA}}}Limited Service (LSR)56+120%
Roaming RoosterLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Scoville Hot ChickenLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Call Your MotherLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Big HopsFull Service (FSR)35+267%
Rollin' Smoke BBQFull Service (FSR)35+267%
Ume TeaLimited Service (LSR)35+267%
SOL Mexican CocinaXperience Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Edley's Bar-B-QueFull Service (FSR)45+125%
La Pecora BiancaFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Sol AgaveFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Halls ChophouseHall Management GroupFull Service (FSR)45+125%
BOMBA Taco + BarPaladar Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Mimosas GourmetFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Delucca Gaucho Pizza & WineFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Biscuit BellyFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Bikini Beans CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
NuVegan CafeLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Cajun Market Donut CompanyLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
pizzaBOGOLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Ensenada's Surf N Turf GrillLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Tacos A Go GoLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
The Original Steaks and HoagiesLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Peace PieLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Hawaii Poke BowlLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Goji Juicery and KitchenLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Village Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Los Tacos No.1Limited Service (LSR)45+125%
Jack's Wife FredaFull Service (FSR)34+133%
HomeGrown WichitaThrive Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)34+133%
ZovsFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Trophy Brewing CompanyFull Service (FSR)34+133%
West Town BakeryThe Fifty/50 Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Concrete CowboySo Clutch GroupFull Service (FSR)34+133%
CatchCatch Hospitality GroupFull Service (FSR)34+133%
September's Taproom & EateryFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Thatcher's Barbecue & GrillLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Texas PizzaLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
JaneLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
The Purple OnionLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Pantry Fried ChickenLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Lucky Slice PizzaLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
The Kidd Coffee CompanyLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
WiltshireLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Cilantro TaqueriaLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
enveganLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Kona PokeLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Murdick's FudgeLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Summit Pizza Co.Limited Service (LSR)34+133%
Dune Coffee RoastersLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
8MilePi Detroit Style PizzaLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Krak BobaLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Vita Cane Sugarcane Juicery & Acai BarLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Knead DoughnutsLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Slutty VeganLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
solita Tacos & MargaritasXperience Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Mexico Lindo Bar and GrillFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Pinky G's PizzeriaFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Red Elephant Pizza & GrillFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Guadalajara'sFull Service (FSR)23+150%
The Crooked KnifeFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Butters Pancakes & CafeFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Tutto il GiornoFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Split American KitchenGood Food Guys Hospitality GroupFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Staks! Pancake KitchenFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Tapville SocialFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Sidecar Slider BarFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Naked FarmerFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Standard ServiceUNCO HospitalityFull Service (FSR)23+150%
LoroHai HospitalityFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Ice Cream HouseLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Crisp SaladsLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Alpha Dessert Juice CafeLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Brooklyn Dumpling ShopLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Cake 'n ShakeLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
The Smashed Waffle CompanyLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Lover's Egg RollLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Stephano's Greek & Mediterranean GrillLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Dapper & Stout Coffee CompanyLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
1928 Cuban BistroLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
WingfingersAloha HospitalityLimited Service (LSR)23+150%

Note: Numbers in green (above) confirm continued month-over-month detectable unit growth.

Notes about our automated unit growth insights

Each month, Restaurantology visits over 15,000 multi-unit restaurant websites to verify a variety of public data points that we can extract, analyze, and turn into valuable insights. We use proprietary technology intended to capture data at its source, meaning wherever possible we’re allowing restaurant companies and brands to tell us how many units they have (such as on a locations page), as well as what technologies they’ve integrated into their website (POS, loyalty, reservations, etc.).