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Multiunit growth summary – May 2022 Recap

June 2, 2022 | Industry News Monthly Growth Summary | by Grant Gadoci

This is part five in a continued series documenting multiunit restaurant growth in the United States and Canada.


After April’s showers, May has flowered us with 988 store openings added across 419 multiunit restaurant concepts.

Summer is almost here, and the location growth across multiunit restaurants should be a leading indicator that brands are looking to capitalize on seasonal traffic and profits. How do they make the most of their brand expansion? We predict a seismic shake up in people, product, and processes in the weeks and months to come.

Multiunit concepts of all shapes and sizes — that is, both national logos and promising newcomers — are squeezing in their “plus-ones” just in time for hungry travelers. Find out what technology will be at the top of their purchasing list as they prepare for opening day.

Let’s take a look at the data

April to May 2022 unit growth, by Concept

ConceptParentService TypeAprMayChange%
Wendy’sLimited Service (LSR)62626302+401%
Sonic Drive-InInspire Brands, Inc.Limited Service (LSR)35473548+10%
Chipotle Mexican GrillChipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.Limited Service (LSR)29772979+20%
Panera BreadPanera BrandsLimited Service (LSR)21622173+111%
Auntie Anne’s PretzelsFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)12351247+121%
WhataburgerLimited Service (LSR)881893+121%
Culver’sLimited Service (LSR)830862+324%
Bojangles’Limited Service (LSR)787791+41%
JambaFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)762769+71%
QDOBA Mexican EatsLimited Service (LSR)748757+91%
Outback SteakhouseBloomin’ Brands, Inc.Full Service (FSR)693695+20%
Einstein Bros BagelsPanera BrandsLimited Service (LSR)692694+20%
Dutch Bros CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)630647+173%
McAlister’s DeliFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)518524+61%
Caribou CoffeePanera BrandsLimited Service (LSR)461465+41%
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & SteakburgersLimited Service (LSR)450453+31%
Crumbl CookiesLimited Service (LSR)407446+3910%
Kung Fu TeaKung Fu Tea RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)366373+72%
Schlotzsky’sFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)338340+21%
The Habit Burger GrillYum! BrandsLimited Service (LSR)329336+72%
Huddle HouseAscent Hospitality ManagementFull Service (FSR)301304+31%
Cook OutLimited Service (LSR)302303+10%
CicisCafeterias, Grill Buffets, and Buffets297298+10%
Shake ShackLimited Service (LSR)280280+00%
Wetzel’s PretzelsLimited Service (LSR)240243+31%
Fazoli’sFAT Brands Inc.Limited Service (LSR)220221+10%
BarBurritoLimited Service (LSR)214219+52%
Pizza RanchCafeterias, Grill Buffets, and Buffets215218+31%
Chicken Salad ChickLimited Service (LSR)214217+31%
BJ’s Restaurant & BrewhouseFull Service (FSR)213214+10%
Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & TatersLimited Service (LSR)206210+42%
Second Cup Coffee Co.Foodtastic Inc.Limited Service (LSR)190201+116%
CAVACava Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)176184+85%
Sushi ShopMTY Food Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)169171+21%
Edo JapanLimited Service (LSR)161162+11%
KilwinsLimited Service (LSR)158161+32%
Corner Bakery CafePandya Restaurants LLCLimited Service (LSR)156157+11%
The Human BeanLimited Service (LSR)150153+32%
Cafe Rio Mexican GrillLimited Service (LSR)146152+64%
TravelCenters of AmericaFull Service (FSR)146150+43%
Dave & Buster’sDave & Buster’s EntertainmentAmusement Arcades146148+21%
Capriotti’s Sandwich ShopCapriotti’s | Wing Zone RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)121147+2621%
Black Bear DinerFull Service (FSR)145146+11%
Beef ‘O’ Brady’sFamily Sports Concepts, Inc.Full Service (FSR)140142+21%
Fuzzy’s Taco ShopLimited Service (LSR)138139+11%
Playa BowlsLimited Service (LSR)137139+21%
Logan’s RoadhouseSPB HospitalityFull Service (FSR)136137+11%
Lee’s Famous Recipe ChickenLimited Service (LSR)129130+11%
Au Bon PainLimited Service (LSR)126127+11%
Andy’s Frozen CustardLimited Service (LSR)118122+43%
SizzlerFull Service (FSR)115117+22%
BonChonLimited Service (LSR)114115+11%
Bahama Buck’sLimited Service (LSR)108109+11%
Black Rock Coffee BarLimited Service (LSR)102105+33%
Jeremiah’s Italian IceLimited Service (LSR)104105+11%
Teriyaki MadnessLimited Service (LSR)103105+22%
PrimoHoagiesLimited Service (LSR)98105+77%
Pizza FactoryLimited Service (LSR)101104+33%
Montana’s BBQ & BarRecipe Unlimited CorporationFull Service (FSR)8499+1518%
Bubbakoo’s BurritosLimited Service (LSR)8199+1822%
Another Broken Egg CafeFull Service (FSR)9094+44%
Pizza Boli’sLimited Service (LSR)9091+11%
SalataLimited Service (LSR)8991+22%
Twin PeaksFAT Brands Inc.Full Service (FSR)8990+11%
Aroma Joe’sLimited Service (LSR)8588+34%
BeaverTailsLimited Service (LSR)8688+22%
JollibeeJollibee Foods CorporationLimited Service (LSR)8488+45%
Crab Du JourFull Service (FSR)6285+2337%
Real Fruit Bubble TeaLimited Service (LSR)7884+68%
Pret A MangerLimited Service (LSR)8183+22%
Handels Homemade Ice Cream & YogurtLimited Service (LSR)7681+57%
Tiff’s TreatsSnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars7879+11%
Clean EatzLimited Service (LSR)7578+34%
Lou Malnati’s PizzeriaFull Service (FSR)7374+11%
CHOPT Creative Salad Co.Founders Table Restaurant GroupLimited Service (LSR)7374+11%
Blue Bottle CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)7173+23%
Rosati’s Chicago PizzaLimited Service (LSR)7172+11%
Roberto’s Taco ShopLimited Service (LSR)7172+11%
Pancheros Mexican GrillLimited Service (LSR)7172+11%
Tudor’s Biscuit WorldFull Service (FSR)6572+711%
Walk-On’s Sports BistreauxMorrison CompaniesFull Service (FSR)6871+34%
Romeo’s PizzaLimited Service (LSR)7071+11%
Philz CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)6870+23%
Browns SocialhouseBrowns Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)6970+11%
Goodcents Deli Fresh SubsLimited Service (LSR)6868+00%
Poke Bros.Limited Service (LSR)6768+11%
BAMBULimited Service (LSR)6668+23%
Happy LemonLimited Service (LSR)6466+23%
Beans & Brews CoffeehouseLimited Service (LSR)6465+12%
Rock N Roll SushiBOLD Restaurant BrandsFull Service (FSR)6163+23%
Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar and GrillObsidian Group Inc.Full Service (FSR)6163+23%
Chicago’s Pizza With a TwistLimited Service (LSR)6162+12%
Mr Gatti’s PizzaGatti’s BrandsLimited Service (LSR)6162+12%
Crafty CrabFull Service (FSR)6162+12%
Happy’s PizzaLimited Service (LSR)6162+12%
Dave’s Hot ChickenLimited Service (LSR)5862+47%
Freebirds World BurritoTavistock Restaurant CollectionLimited Service (LSR)5758+12%
Fat Bastard Burrito Co.Limited Service (LSR)5658+24%
Bluestone LaneLimited Service (LSR)5657+12%
It’s Boba TimeLimited Service (LSR)5657+12%
FiiZ DrinksLimited Service (LSR)5056+612%
Tubby’s Sub ShopLimited Service (LSR)5455+12%
Uncle Louie GLimited Service (LSR)3955+1641%
Cooper’s Hawk Winery & RestaurantFull Service (FSR)5154+36%
Fogo de Chao Brazilian SteakhouseFull Service (FSR)5051+12%
Smoke’s PoutinerieLimited Service (LSR)4950+12%
Little Greek Fresh GrillLimited Service (LSR)4549+49%
Ziggi’s CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)4849+12%
California Fish GrillLimited Service (LSR)4748+12%
EverbowlLimited Service (LSR)4547+24%
BoustanLimited Service (LSR)4146+512%
Deli DeliciousLimited Service (LSR)4445+12%
Stacked Pancake & Breakfast HouseFull Service (FSR)3744+719%
Hokulia Shave IceLimited Service (LSR)4344+12%
Johnny’s Pizza HouseLimited Service (LSR)4344+12%
Beard Papa’sLimited Service (LSR)4243+12%
Sourdough & Co.Limited Service (LSR)4042+25%
Frutta BowlsWOWorksLimited Service (LSR)3641+514%
Copper BranchFoodtastic Inc.Limited Service (LSR)4041+12%
Nick The GreekLimited Service (LSR)3940+13%
Wild Wing CafeFull Service (FSR)3740+38%
7 Leaves CafeLimited Service (LSR)3840+25%
Sneaky Pete’s Hot DogsLimited Service (LSR)3839+13%
Just Love Coffee CafeLimited Service (LSR)2639+1350%
Ward’sLimited Service (LSR)3738+13%
Rush BowlsLimited Service (LSR)3738+13%
Crave Hot Dogs & BarbecueLimited Service (LSR)3637+13%
Earl of SandwichEarl EnterprisesLimited Service (LSR)3337+412%
Summermoon Coffee BarLimited Service (LSR)3537+26%
The Greene TurtleFull Service (FSR)3435+13%
Naf Naf GrillLimited Service (LSR)3335+26%
Foxtail Coffee Co.Limited Service (LSR)3335+26%
Hopdoddy Burger BarHiBar HospitalityLimited Service (LSR)3234+26%
Honest RestaurantLimited Service (LSR)3034+413%
Famous Famiglia PizzeriaLimited Service (LSR)2733+622%
Royal PaanLimited Service (LSR)3233+13%
SomiSomiLimited Service (LSR)3233+13%
Stumpy’s Hatchet HouseFitness and Recreational Sports Centers3132+13%
North ItaliaFox Restaurant ConceptsFull Service (FSR)3031+13%
Two Hands Corn DogsLimited Service (LSR)2331+835%
Eskimo HutLimited Service (LSR)3031+13%
Mango Mango DessertLimited Service (LSR)2731+415%
City Brew CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)2730+311%
Gen Korean BBQ HouseFull Service (FSR)2930+13%
Vampire PenguinLimited Service (LSR)2930+13%
Epic Wings N’ ThingsLimited Service (LSR)2829+14%
honeygrowhoneygrow RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)2829+14%
The Paleta BarLimited Service (LSR)2829+14%
Detroit Wing CompanyLimited Service (LSR)2529+416%
Captain Jay’s Fish & ChickenLimited Service (LSR)2728+14%
Flying Biscuit CafeStomp Chomp & RollFull Service (FSR)2728+14%
Eddie V’s Prime SeafoodDarden RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)2728+14%
I Heart Mac & CheeseLimited Service (LSR)2628+28%
BolayLimited Service (LSR)2227+523%
The Burger’s PriestRecipe Unlimited CorporationLimited Service (LSR)2627+14%
Chick’nConeLimited Service (LSR)2627+14%
DomoishiLimited Service (LSR)2327+417%
Chung Chun Rice HotdogLimited Service (LSR)2427+313%
Surcheros Fresh MexLimited Service (LSR)2526+14%
Tacos 4 LifeLimited Service (LSR)2126+524%
RareTeaLimited Service (LSR)2426+28%
P. Terry’s Burger StandLimited Service (LSR)2526+14%
Pi Co.Limited Service (LSR)2426+28%
Pinecrest BakerySnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars2425+14%
State & Main Kitchen & BarRecipe Unlimited CorporationFull Service (FSR)2225+314%
NoodleboxLimited Service (LSR)2325+29%
The Great Greek Mediterranean GrillUnited Franchise GroupLimited Service (LSR)2125+419%
Parlor DoughnutsLimited Service (LSR)2225+314%
The Original Hot Dog FactoryLimited Service (LSR)2124+314%
Huckleberry’sHeritage Restaurant BrandsFull Service (FSR)2324+14%
Premiere MoissonSnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars2324+14%
Vicky BakerySnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars2324+14%
Joe Coffee CompanyLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
New York Butcher ShoppeLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Roxberry Juice Co.Limited Service (LSR)2123+210%
Savvy SlidersLimited Service (LSR)2123+210%
Chicken KitchenLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Kreation OrganicLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Milo’s HamburgersLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Board & BrewFull Service (FSR)2223+15%
Mary Lee DonutsLimited Service (LSR)2123+210%
The Kickin’ CrabLimited Service (LSR)2122+15%
Zeeks PizzaFull Service (FSR)2022+210%
The Yard Milkshake BarLimited Service (LSR)2122+15%
Wing SnobLimited Service (LSR)1721+424%
Bricktown BreweryFull Service (FSR)2021+15%
Maitre GlacierLimited Service (LSR)2021+15%
WingsUp!Limited Service (LSR)1920+15%
TKK Fried ChickenKung Fu Tea RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)1320+754%
CRISP & GREENLimited Service (LSR)2020+00%
7 Brew CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)1819+16%
Bruchi’s CheeseSteaks & SubsLimited Service (LSR)1819+16%
West Coast SourdoughLimited Service (LSR)1719+212%
True Texas BBQLimited Service (LSR)1819+16%
Black Rock Bar & GrillFull Service (FSR)1619+319%
Sushi SakeFull Service (FSR)1819+16%
The PalmFull Service (FSR)1819+16%
Matto EspressoLimited Service (LSR)1719+212%
Touchdown WingsLimited Service (LSR)1418+429%
Artichoke Basille’s PizzaLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Sabor Latin Street GrillRaydal HospitalityLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Mr. Fries ManLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Panini Kabob GrillLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Burtons Grill & BarBurton’s Grill RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)1718+16%
Basil BoxLimited Service (LSR)1617+16%
Barrio TacosFull Service (FSR)1317+431%
Amy’s Ice CreamsLimited Service (LSR)1617+16%
D Spot Dessert CafeLimited Service (LSR)1617+16%
Mighty Quinn’s BarbequeLimited Service (LSR)1516+17%
D’lites EmporiumLimited Service (LSR)1416+214%
El Tiempo CantinaEl Tiempo RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)1516+17%
Dollop Coffee Co.Limited Service (LSR)1316+323%
Donair DudeLimited Service (LSR)1516+17%
COWSCOWS Inc.Limited Service (LSR)1415+17%
MixtGood Food Guys Hospitality GroupLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Mr. Brews TaphouseFull Service (FSR)1415+17%
The StandLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Viva ChickenLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
La Rosa Chicken & GrillLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Escape LoungeLimited Service (LSR)1214+217%
Isaac’sLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Voodoo DoughnutLimited Service (LSR)1214+217%
MomijiFull Service (FSR)1114+327%
Anchor BarFull Service (FSR)1314+18%
Super ChixLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
7Spice Cajun SeafoodLimited Service (LSR)914+556%
LenwichLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Lao Sze ChuanFull Service (FSR)1214+217%
Pure GreenLimited Service (LSR)814+675%
Victorico’s Mexican FoodLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
Pier 88 Boiling Seafood & BarFull Service (FSR)1213+18%
Hot N Juicy CrawfishLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
Dylan’s Candy BarConfectionery and Nut Stores1213+18%
Curry Pizza HouseLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
Chill-N Nitrogen Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)813+563%
Pacific CatchFull Service (FSR)1213+18%
Five Iron GolfFull Service (FSR)913+444%
BarbiesFull Service (FSR)1213+18%
Acai RepublicLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
TacodeliLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
PuttshackFull Service (FSR)1112+19%
Movita Juice BarLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Agave & RyeFull Service (FSR)1012+220%
La Bufadora Baja GrillLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Peach Cobbler FactoryLimited Service (LSR)712+571%
Plant Power Fast FoodLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Cap’t LouiFull Service (FSR)1112+19%
Mici Handcrafted ItalianLimited Service (LSR)1012+220%
Slice FactoryLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Chip CityLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
100% Antojitos MexicanosLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
PLNT BurgerLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Voodoo BreweryFull Service (FSR)911+222%
Tavern In The SquareFull Service (FSR)1011+110%
Tilted Kilt Pub & EateryFull Service (FSR)911+222%
Pura VidaLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Bag O’ CrabFull Service (FSR)911+222%
Dough Zone Dumpling HouseFull Service (FSR)1011+110%
Just Pizza & Wing Co.Limited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Slater’s 50/50Full Service (FSR)1011+110%
Java EspressLimited Service (LSR)911+222%
Daiquiri Island To GoLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Kelly’s Homemade Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)810+225%
Poke BurriLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
gusto!Limited Service (LSR)810+225%
Hangry Joe’s Hot ChickenLimited Service (LSR)710+343%
Speedy’s PizzaLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Lasaters Coffee & TeaLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Press CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Vivo Pizza+PastaLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Taco BambaLimited Service (LSR)810+225%
The Pie Hole {{{CA}}}Limited Service (LSR)79+229%
Seoul TacoLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
The Hungry GreekLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Mamajuana Cafe Restaurant & BarFull Service (FSR)69+350%
The All American SteakhouseFull Service (FSR)89+113%
LaduréeLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
PONKO ChickenLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Summit CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Honey-Jam CafeFull Service (FSR)78+114%
The Friendly ToastFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Yoshiharu Japanese RamenFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Mayday Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Colony GrillFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Randy’s PizzaLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
BirdcallGastamo GroupLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Greenleaf Juicing CompanyLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
3 Amigos Resto BarFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Marufuku RamenFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Goji Juicery and KitchenLimited Service (LSR)58+360%
RolltationLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
FreddoLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Wacked Out WeinerMobile Food Services67+117%
Ginger Beef ExpressGinger Beef RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Clutch Coffee BarLimited Service (LSR)57+240%
Roaming RoosterLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Lifting Noodles RamenFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Loaded CafeFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Scoville Hot ChickenLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Mastro’s Ocean ClubLandry’s Inc.Full Service (FSR)67+117%
Barrel HouseFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Caliente Pizza & Draft HouseFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Blondies PizzaThe Food DudesLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
FrugalsLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Blackbird DoughnutsLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Lone Star KolachesLimited Service (LSR)57+240%
Mikey’s Late Night SliceLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Poke BurritoLimited Service (LSR)57+240%
Call Your MotherLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Al Horno Lean Mexican KitchenAl Horno RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Krak BobaLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Fin & FeathersFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Insomnia Coffee CompanyLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Reveille Coffee Co.Limited Service (LSR)56+120%
La La Land Kind CafeLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
AndiamoJoe Vicari Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Porto’s Bakery & CafeSnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars56+120%
Arena’s Deli & BarFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Pizzeria LibrettoFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Uncle SharkiiLimited Service (LSR)46+250%
ON + ON KITCHENLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
CFS CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
The Urban JuicerLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Pita Pita Mediterranean GrillLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Midnight Cookies & CreamLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Pot & Paddle Jambalaya KitchenLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Bed-Stuy Fish FryLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Bosque Brewing Public HouseFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Variety Coffee RoastersLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
CocobowlzLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Canter’s DeliLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Flaco’s HouseLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Grace Coffee Co.Limited Service (LSR)46+250%
Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired PizzaLimited Service (LSR)46+250%
Vita Cane Sugarcane Juicery & Acai BarLimited Service (LSR)46+250%
ToastiqueLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
PokiTomikLimited Service (LSR)46+250%
Tacos 1986Mobile Food Services56+120%
Saint Germain BakerySnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars56+120%
The Original Steaks and HoagiesLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Anchorhead CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
CrudoolandiaLimited Service (LSR)35+267%
CityBirdThunderdome Restaurant GroupLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Park Avenue CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Big Buns Damn Good Burger Co.Thompson HospitalityFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Jack’s BBQLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Big Storm BreweryFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Bul BoxLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
The Glass House TXDrinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)45+125%
Lou’s CafeLimited Service (LSR)35+267%
The Pizza CompanyLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Grater Grilled CheeseLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
107 TasteLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Sushi-RamaFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Rollin’ FreshLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Market Creations CafeCafeterias, Grill Buffets, and Buffets45+125%
Tino’s Artisan Pizza Co.Limited Service (LSR)45+125%
Fresh BaguetteLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Happy + HaleLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Rooster’s Chicken & WafflesLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Muffin House CafeSnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars45+125%
Spris Artisan PizzaFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican GrillLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Red Cow Restaurant & BarRed Cow | Red Rabbit RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)45+125%
White Windmill Bakery & CafeSnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars35+267%
EmpellonFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Easy Breezy Frozen YogurtLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Cajun Crack’nFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Los ChingonesTAG Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Blue BurroLimited Service (LSR)35+267%
Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria35+267%
Matiki Island BBQLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Bodega Taqueria y TequilaFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Burrito Express {{{NM}}}Limited Service (LSR)34+133%
Brewpoint CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Santiago’s BodegaFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Banh Mi OvenLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
AvocaderiaLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Border GrillLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
New York Bagels N’ BialysLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Inka Mama’s34+133%
TacoCraft Taqueria & Tequila BarJ.E.Y. Hospitality GroupFull Service (FSR)34+133%
FruitiveLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
The Cumin BowlLimited Service (LSR)24+2100%
Subculture CoffeeSubculture GroupLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Pelican Brewing CoFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Roberta’sFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Pelican Larry’sFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Mr. BroastLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Hi-Pointe Drive-InSugarfire Smoke House GroupLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
HiHo CheeseburgerFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Ayesha Fine DiningFull Service (FSR)34+133%
World Famous House of MacLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
RedsService Inspired RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)34+133%
The Plant Cafe OrganicLimited Service (LSR)44+00%
FreshrollLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Popping Yolk CafeFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Nutty Squirrel GelatoLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
The Iberian PigCastellucci Hospitality GroupFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Goode Company BarbequeGoode CompanyLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Aloha To GoLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Big Grove BreweryFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Ryuu Japanese KitchenNeptune Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Serious pie.Tom Douglas RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)23+150%
POPS Artisanal CreameryLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Salads UPLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
TavolinoFull Service (FSR)23+150%
CROP JuiceLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Gioia’s DeliLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Juice & JavaLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Cleveland Draft HouseFull Service (FSR)23+150%
SaffronLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
206 Burger CompanyLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
FondaFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Spiller Park CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Holidays Pub & GrillFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Smaaken Waffle SandwichesMobile Food Services23+150%
Fat Boy’s Burrito Co.Limited Service (LSR)23+150%
Hopscotch CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)23+150%

Note: Numbers in green (above) confirm continued month-over-month detectable unit growth across segments. How Restaurantology breaks down each segment:

Independent‘mom-and-pop’ concepts, some food trucks, and more generally restaurants with 2-5 locations, funded with a very tight budget.

SMB – the largest growing segment, mostly comprised of emerging brands and restaurants with 50 locations or less that are eager to adopt new technology.

Mid-Market – often blended with SMB, mid-market restaurant brands are known to have legacy technology systems passed down from team to team and can make quicker buying decisions than their enterprise-counterparts.

Enterprise – known for having the longest sales cycle, the enterprise segment has less logos but more market share, with a heavy footprint in QSR and fast-casual dining. Locations can range from 300 – 30,000.

Notes about our automated unit growth insights

Each month, Restaurantology visits over 15,000 multi-unit restaurant websites to verify a variety of public data points that we can extract, analyze, and turn into valuable insights. We use proprietary technology intended to capture data at its source, meaning wherever possible we’re allowing restaurant companies and brands to tell us how many units they have (such as on a locations page), as well as what technologies they’ve integrated into their website (POS, loyalty, reservations, etc.).