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Multiunit growth summary – June 2022 Recap

July 1, 2022 | Industry News Monthly Growth Summary | by Grant Gadoci

This is part six in a continued series documenting multiunit restaurant growth in the United States and Canada.

June brings us more Multiunit Restaurant (MUR) openings, and we’re here for it.

It’s officially summer. The temperature’s rising, and multiunit restaurant operators have opened nearly 500 new locations ready to shield prospective diners from the sweltering heat. Limited Service restaurants continue to flourish, and though it’s hot, the continued spicy 🌶️ fried chicken 🍗 food craze is validating the pace at which concepts like Dave’s Hot Chicken, Hot Chicken Takeover, and Hot Chickn Kitchn are adding units in the past 30 days.

This month’s summary contains 279 restaurants added to 279 multiunit concepts who increased their number of locations by one or more physical location in the past month.


May to June 2022 unit growth, by Concept

ConceptParentService TypeMayJunChange%
Sonic Drive-InInspire Brands, Inc.Limited Service (LSR)35483550+20%
WhataburgerLimited Service (LSR)893894+10%
Culver'sLimited Service (LSR)862864+20%
QDOBA Mexican EatsLimited Service (LSR)757758+10%
Outback SteakhouseBloomin' Brands, Inc.Full Service (FSR)695696+10%
CinnabonFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)667673+61%
Dutch Bros CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)647654+71%
Hungry Howie's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)534536+20%
McAlister's DeliFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)524525+10%
Dickey's Barbecue PitLimited Service (LSR)493497+41%
Crumbl CookiesLimited Service (LSR)446478+327%
Noodles & CompanyLimited Service (LSR)453458+51%
Golden CorralCafeterias, Grill Buffets, and Buffets403404+10%
Kung Fu TeaKung Fu Tea RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)373375+21%
CarvelFocus BrandsLimited Service (LSR)323324+10%
Penn Station East Coast SubsLimited Service (LSR)306315+93%
Huddle HouseAscent Hospitality ManagementFull Service (FSR)304305+10%
Harvey'sRecipe Unlimited CorporationLimited Service (LSR)291293+21%
Mountain Mike's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)268269+10%
BarBurritoLimited Service (LSR)219230+115%
MR.SUBMTY Food Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)227228+10%
Chicken Salad ChickLimited Service (LSR)217219+21%
Insomnia CookiesLimited Service (LSR)216217+10%
Mary Brown's Famous Chicken & TatersLimited Service (LSR)210211+10%
CAVACava Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)184187+32%
TOGO'SLimited Service (LSR)161163+21%
Edo JapanLimited Service (LSR)162163+11%
Wayback BurgersLimited Service (LSR)158161+32%
Capriotti's Sandwich ShopCapriotti's | Wing Zone RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)147150+32%
Dave & Buster'sDave & Buster's EntertainmentAmusement Arcades148149+11%
Pizza InnRave Restaurant GroupLimited Service (LSR)146147+11%
Black Bear DinerFull Service (FSR)146147+11%
Playa BowlsLimited Service (LSR)139141+21%
Clean JuiceLimited Service (LSR)120127+76%
Tijuana FlatsLimited Service (LSR)123124+11%
Andy's Frozen CustardLimited Service (LSR)122123+11%
Ono Hawaiian BBQLimited Service (LSR)115119+43%
BonChonLimited Service (LSR)115116+11%
Jeremiah's Italian IceLimited Service (LSR)105109+44%
Duck DonutsLimited Service (LSR)105107+22%
Black Rock Coffee BarLimited Service (LSR)105106+11%
99 Restaurant & PubRestaurant Growth Services, LLCFull Service (FSR)102103+11%
Wild WingFull Service (FSR)100101+11%
Sonny's BBQFull Service (FSR)9296+44%
Taco Casa {{{TX}}}Limited Service (LSR)9495+11%
SalataLimited Service (LSR)9192+11%
Real Fruit Bubble TeaLimited Service (LSR)8486+22%
Hot Head BurritosLimited Service (LSR)7980+11%
Vitality BowlsLimited Service (LSR)7779+23%
Clean EatzLimited Service (LSR)7879+11%
Franz Bakery OutletFranz Bakery & OutletsSupermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores7879+11%
Lou Malnati's PizzeriaFull Service (FSR)7475+11%
Romeo's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)7175+46%
Uno Pizzeria & GrillUno CorporationFull Service (FSR)7374+11%
Walk-On's Sports BistreauxMorrison CompaniesFull Service (FSR)7173+23%
Good Earth CoffeehouseLimited Service (LSR)5371+1834%
BAMBULimited Service (LSR)6869+11%
Dave's Hot ChickenLimited Service (LSR)6267+58%
Beans & Brews CoffeehouseLimited Service (LSR)6566+12%
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine BarBloomin' Brands, Inc.Full Service (FSR)6465+12%
Le Macaron French PastriesLimited Service (LSR)6065+58%
Cafe ZupasLimited Service (LSR)6264+23%
La DiperieMTY Food Group Inc.Limited Service (LSR)5760+35%
Fat Bastard Burrito Co.Limited Service (LSR)5860+23%
Freebirds World BurritoTavistock Restaurant CollectionLimited Service (LSR)5859+12%
It's Boba TimeLimited Service (LSR)5758+12%
Fogo de Chao Brazilian SteakhouseFull Service (FSR)5152+12%
Burrito BoyzLimited Service (LSR)4750+36%
Ziggi's CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)4950+12%
Chronic TacosLimited Service (LSR)4849+12%
Fire WingsLimited Service (LSR)4849+12%
BoustanLimited Service (LSR)4647+12%
Stacked Pancake & Breakfast HouseFull Service (FSR)4446+25%
Guthrie'sLimited Service (LSR)4142+12%
Pizzaiolo Gourmet PizzaLimited Service (LSR)4142+12%
Just Love Coffee CafeLimited Service (LSR)3940+13%
Earl of SandwichEarl EnterprisesLimited Service (LSR)3739+25%
Aurelio's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)3839+13%
Ricky's All Day GrillThe Ricky's GroupFull Service (FSR)3839+13%
BobablasticMobile Food Services3139+826%
Summermoon Coffee BarLimited Service (LSR)3738+13%
Crave Hot Dogs & BarbecueLimited Service (LSR)3738+13%
SubZero Nitrogen Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)3435+13%
Pür & SimpleFull Service (FSR)3235+39%
Wings OverLimited Service (LSR)3334+13%
Royal PaanLimited Service (LSR)3334+13%
New Orleans PizzaChairman's BrandsLimited Service (LSR)3233+13%
Flower ChildFox Restaurant ConceptsLimited Service (LSR)3132+13%
Gen Korean BBQ HouseFull Service (FSR)3032+27%
Taco PalenquePalenque GroupLimited Service (LSR)3032+27%
City Brew CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)3031+13%
The Chicken ShackLimited Service (LSR)2830+27%
DomoishiLimited Service (LSR)2730+311%
Lupe TortillaFull Service (FSR)2829+14%
I Heart Mac & CheeseLimited Service (LSR)2829+14%
Wow Wow Lemonade StandLimited Service (LSR)2728+14%
LA CrawfishLimited Service (LSR)2728+14%
Tea2GoLimited Service (LSR)1928+947%
P. Terry's Burger StandLimited Service (LSR)2627+14%
BENTO asian kitchen + sushiLimited Service (LSR)2426+28%
Huckleberry'sHeritage Restaurant BrandsFull Service (FSR)2426+28%
NoodleboxLimited Service (LSR)2526+14%
Donut ConnectionLimited Service (LSR)2226+418%
The Great Greek Mediterranean GrillUnited Franchise GroupLimited Service (LSR)2526+14%
J. Alexander's RestaurantSPB HospitalityFull Service (FSR)2025+525%
Pagliacci PizzaLimited Service (LSR)2425+14%
KokeeTeaLimited Service (LSR)2325+29%
Pho Hoa Noodle SoupLimited Service (LSR)2324+14%
Sugar FactoryFull Service (FSR)2324+14%
Teapresso BarLimited Service (LSR)2224+29%
JJ BeanLimited Service (LSR)2324+14%
Savvy SlidersLimited Service (LSR)2324+14%
Urbane CafeLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Bagel Street CafeLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Original ChopShopHargett Hunter Capital PartnersLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
CosìLimited Service (LSR)2223+15%
Buddy's PizzaFull Service (FSR)2122+15%
PokemotoMuscle Maker, Inc.Limited Service (LSR)1922+316%
Rock & BrewsFull Service (FSR)1821+317%
TeaspoonLimited Service (LSR)2021+15%
WingsUp!Limited Service (LSR)2021+15%
Ellianos Coffee CompanyLimited Service (LSR)2021+15%
Mr. Fries ManLimited Service (LSR)1821+317%
Bruchi's CheeseSteaks & SubsLimited Service (LSR)1920+15%
Piara PizzaLimited Service (LSR)1720+318%
Baya BarLimited Service (LSR)1620+425%
Project PolloLimited Service (LSR)1620+425%
Green Mill Restaurant & BarHightop Hospitality GroupFull Service (FSR)1819+16%
Angry Crab ShackLimited Service (LSR)1819+16%
Kickback Jack'sBattleground RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)1719+212%
Petro's Chili & ChipsLimited Service (LSR)1819+16%
Parry's Pizzeria & TaphouseFull Service (FSR)1619+319%
SPoT CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
FukuMobile Food Services1618+213%
D Spot Dessert CafeLimited Service (LSR)1718+16%
Philthy Philly'sLimited Service (LSR)1417+321%
Peach Cobbler FactoryLimited Service (LSR)1217+542%
SAJJ MediterraneanLimited Service (LSR)1416+214%
Half Shell Oyster HouseFull Service (FSR)1516+17%
Zao Asian CafeLimited Service (LSR)1516+17%
SweetfinLimited Service (LSR)1416+214%
Kwench Juice CafeLimited Service (LSR)1516+17%
MomijiFull Service (FSR)1415+17%
Super ChixLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Pure GreenLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Homemade TaqueriaLimited Service (LSR)1315+215%
Kaldi's CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)1415+17%
Giardino Gourmet SaladsLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Cap't LouiFull Service (FSR)1214+217%
BRU Burger BarCunningham Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)1314+18%
NAYALimited Service (LSR)1114+327%
SoFreshLimited Service (LSR)1314+18%
BarbiesFull Service (FSR)1314+18%
Alfred CoffeeAlfred Inc.Limited Service (LSR)1314+18%
Poki BowlLimited Service (LSR)1113+218%
Zeus Mediterranean KitchenLimited Service (LSR)1213+18%
Burney's Sweets & MoreSnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars1213+18%
TacombiFull Service (FSR)1213+18%
Fay Da BakerySnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars1213+18%
Rotisseries Au CoqFoodtastic Inc.Limited Service (LSR)1213+18%
PuttshackFull Service (FSR)1213+18%
Center Court Pizza & BrewFull Service (FSR)1112+19%
Brick & SpoonFull Service (FSR)912+333%
SushiStopLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Cafe GrumpyLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Kopan Sushi & RamenFull Service (FSR)1012+220%
Voodoo BreweryFull Service (FSR)1112+19%
Kava CultureLimited Service (LSR)1112+19%
Big Bad BreakfastFresh HospitalityFull Service (FSR)1011+110%
Dick's Last ResortFull Service (FSR)1011+110%
HipCityVegLimited Service (LSR)911+222%
Halsted Street Deli & BagelLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
KalaverasFull Service (FSR)711+457%
Levain BakeryLimited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Katsuya {{{ON}}}Limited Service (LSR)1011+110%
Kokonut Dessert BarSnack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars1011+110%
Culinary DropoutFox Restaurant ConceptsFull Service (FSR)910+111%
American FlatbreadFull Service (FSR)910+111%
DiCarlo's Original PizzaLimited Service (LSR)710+343%
La Marsa Mediterranean CuisineFull Service (FSR)910+111%
Merit CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Doughnut PlantLimited Service (LSR)710+343%
JAPADOGMobile Food Services910+111%
JusFruitLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Rick's CabaretRCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc.Full Service (FSR)910+111%
Slim & Husky'sLimited Service (LSR)910+111%
Tom's Drive-InLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
The ChateauFull Service (FSR)89+113%
OHenry'sLimited Service (LSR)79+229%
Mac's Speed ShopFull Service (FSR)89+113%
Chi'LantroLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Macayo'sKind HospitalityFull Service (FSR)89+113%
Sushi SongFull Service (FSR)89+113%
Country Coffee CoLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Zeppe's Italian IceLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
BirdcallGastamo GroupLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
Greenleaf Juicing CompanyLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
BAJA Cali Fish & TacosLimited Service (LSR)89+113%
KazuNoriSushi Nozawa GroupFull Service (FSR)78+114%
MACS Macaroni and Cheese ShopLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Bear's Smokehouse BarbecueLimited Service (LSR)68+233%
Tostada RegiaLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Snakes & LattesFull Service (FSR)78+114%
Tribos Peri PeriLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Roaming RoosterLimited Service (LSR)78+114%
Toast!Charleston Hospitality GroupFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Kitakata Ramen Ban NaiFull Service (FSR)57+240%
H.J. Wings & ThingsLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Hot Chicken TakeoverLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Ange's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Z-BurgerLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Water GrillKing's Seafood CompanyFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Sidecar Doughnuts & CoffeeLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Chicken N PickleFull Service (FSR)67+117%
Whole Sol Blend BarLimited Service (LSR)57+240%
Deep PurplLimited Service (LSR)47+375%
Uncle SharkiiLimited Service (LSR)67+117%
Chuck's FishCharles Morgan RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)56+120%
SettebelloFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Grumps BurgersLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
5411 EmpanadasLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Venezia's New York Style PizzeriaLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Mighty Fine Burgers Fries & ShakesK&N ManagementLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Amerigo Italian Restaurant4 Top HospitalityFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Pj's Pancake HouseGretalia Hospitality GroupFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Biggie's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Whiskey Joe'sSpecialty RestaurantsFull Service (FSR)56+120%
wagamamaFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Andretti Indoor Karting & GamesBowling Centers56+120%
Coney WaffleLimited Service (LSR)46+250%
Little ShackFull Service (FSR)56+120%
Wanderlust CreameryLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
D.J.'s Clam ShackLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Big Buns Damn Good Burger Co.Thompson HospitalityFull Service (FSR)56+120%
The Big Greek CafeLimited Service (LSR)56+120%
Vale Food Co.Limited Service (LSR)56+120%
Senor TacoLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Rico's PizzaLimited Service (LSR)35+267%
Zinc Cafe & MarketFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Real Seafood Co.Mainstreet VenturesFull Service (FSR)45+125%
2941 Street FoodLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Rovente PizzeriaLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Yak & YetiFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Royal ScoopLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Megu SushiFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Bottled BlondeEvening Entertainment GroupFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Saucy Brew WorksFull Service (FSR)45+125%
Lotus SeafoodLimited Service (LSR)45+125%
Evviva Breakfast & LunchFull Service (FSR)25+3150%
Federal American GrillFull Service (FSR)35+267%
Arthur's Garden DeliLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Salt Factory PubFH Food Trading GroupFull Service (FSR)34+133%
solita Tacos & MargaritasXperience Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Taqueria La VentanaLocal Favorite RestaurantsLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Ekta Indian CuisineCafeterias, Grill Buffets, and Buffets34+133%
Willy TacoFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Big Mamma's BurritosLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Koi PalaceFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Island FlavorFull Service (FSR)34+133%
The WestBean Coffee RoastersLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Perry'sFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Tap & BarrelFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Shawarma PressLimited Service (LSR)34+133%
Good City BrewingFull Service (FSR)34+133%
Eclipse Di LunaFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Cheers Bar & GrillFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Biscuit BitchLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Venice RistoranteFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Verde CocinaFull Service (FSR)23+150%
UnforkedLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Backpocket BrewingFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Mugi Ramen & PokeLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
LiveryCunningham Restaurant GroupFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Winston PiesLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Mario's Early ToastFull Service (FSR)23+150%
Sweet Swirls Rolled Ice CreamLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Hot Chickn KitchnLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
TOASTED Coffee + KitchenLimited Service (LSR)23+150%
Honest EateryLimited Service (LSR)23+150%

Note: Numbers in green (above) confirm continued month-over-month detectable unit growth.

Notes about our automated unit growth insights

Each month, Restaurantology visits over 15,000 multi-unit restaurant websites to verify a variety of public data points that we can extract, analyze, and turn into valuable insights. We use proprietary technology intended to capture data at its source, meaning wherever possible we’re allowing restaurant companies and brands to tell us how many units they have (such as on a locations page), as well as what technologies they’ve integrated into their website (POS, loyalty, reservations, etc.).