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Multiunit growth summary – June 2022 Recap

July 1, 2022 | Industry News Monthly Growth Summary | by Grant Gadoci

This is part six in a continued series documenting multiunit restaurant growth in the United States and Canada.

June brings us more Multiunit Restaurant (MUR) openings, and we’re here for it.

It’s officially summer. The temperature’s rising, and multiunit restaurant operators have opened nearly 500 new locations ready to shield prospective diners from the sweltering heat. Limited Service restaurants continue to flourish, and though it’s hot, the continued spicy 🌶️ fried chicken 🍗 food craze is validating the pace at which concepts like Dave’s Hot Chicken, Hot Chicken Takeover, and Hot Chickn Kitchn are adding units in the past 30 days.

This month’s summary contains 279 restaurants added to 279 multiunit concepts who increased their number of locations by one or more physical location in the past month.


May to June 2022 unit growth, by Concept

[table id=8 /]

Note: Numbers in green (above) confirm continued month-over-month detectable unit growth.

Notes about our automated unit growth insights

Each month, Restaurantology visits over 15,000 multi-unit restaurant websites to verify a variety of public data points that we can extract, analyze, and turn into valuable insights. We use proprietary technology intended to capture data at its source, meaning wherever possible we’re allowing restaurant companies and brands to tell us how many units they have (such as on a locations page), as well as what technologies they’ve integrated into their website (POS, loyalty, reservations, etc.).