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Advice and answers from the Restaurantology Team

When you’re working in HubSpot, it’s easy to reference Restaurantology’s insights both in the sidebar as well as on relevant company records.

Integration setup

Restaurantology users intending to integrate their Chrome extension license with their HubSpot Sales Hub must first configure the integration prior to usage.

Important. HubSpot integration requires a Restaurantology Pro license. Learn more about subscriptions here.

To activate the HubSpot listener:

  • Click the gear (⚙️) icon from the Chrome extension toolbar
  • Select Integrations
  • Find the HubSpot integrations, and turn the toggle switch to ON

Viewing Restaurantology insights on Company records

Restaurantology injects 4 types of proprietary insights into a custom CRM Card visible when visiting a HubSpot company record. These include:

Here’s an example of a HubSpot company that has been matched to a Restaurantology record:

Finding matches in the custom CRM Card

Restaurantology’s HubSpot integration uses the value in the standard website field on a company record to perform background searches within its verified dataset. Searches can have 1 of 3 possible results:

  1. A single, positive match is found.
  2. Multiple matches are found.
  3. No match was found.

[1] A single, positive match is found.

For valid websites associated with a single multi-unit record in Restaurantology’s verified dataset, results will be shown in the custom CRM Card. In most circumstances, websites can be matched 1:1 and therefore the results are shown immediately.

[2] Multiple matches are found.

In the rare instance where a single website can be matched to multiple records in Restaurantology’s verified dataset, the CRM Card will guide users to select the record(s) for which they’d like to review real-time insights.

[3] No match was found.

There are several reasons why Restaurantology may fail to make a positive match, including instances where the HubSpot record’s website field:

  • is empty (null).
  • contains a value that is not recognized as a website.
  • contains a generic link to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, CrunchBase, or other non-unique websites.

For additional information on size, markets, and industries currently supported, consult our FAQs.

Using the sidebar while in HubSpot

Users with the HubSpot Search integration feature turned on who open the Restaurantology sidebar while on a HubSpot Company record will automatically query our database for relevant matches.

To perform a search using an underlying HubSpot Company, simply:

  1. Navigate to a HubSpot Company record
  2. Verify that the Company has valid data in the standard website field, and that the website field is visible on the page layout
  3. Open the Restaurantology sidebar