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Restaurantology is a multi-unit food service insight database designed to help everyone — not just “industry insiders” — better understand the restaurant industry. Our goal is to be your qualified data partner, offering higher territory and industry confidence, faster time to insight and action, and better overall deals.

Using Restaurantology

Restaurantology specializes in analyzing siloed, publicly available data and mapping the results to familiar and consistent profiles, creating a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use.


Restaurantology makes it easier for you to quickly discover and learn from our useful, accurate, trusted data insights. It’s never been easier to search and filter the entire multi-unit industry in real time, reviewing up-to-date summaries of unit counts, service type, and more.


Restaurantology allows diverse teams to understand the client-facing technologies used by top brands, providing you with an easy-to-use tool to speed up deal qualification, strengthen discovery, and prioritize outbound to the right brands at the right time.


Update your business strategy and schedule predictable monthly CRM updates so you can scale self-serve analytics with confidence. Provide team members with actionable territory data to keep them selling without overwhelming them with administrivia.

Getting Started with Restaurantology

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