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Five rapid-growth Full-Service Restaurant concepts to watch in 2023

April 11, 2023 | Industry News | by Grant Gadoci

The restaurant industry is in flux across segments as the industry moves through a correction after an increase in units prior to the pandemic.

In spite of the corrective action—there’s still growth. Using our multi-unit restaurant market intelligence tools, we’ve been on a mission to find those concepts experiencing higher levels of location / unit growth. (See our top five rapid-growth LSR concepts to watch in Q2).

Here, we’ve collected our top five rapid-and-high-growth FSR Concepts based on Restaurantology’s location growth and contraction data collected between the period of October 2022 through April 2023.

What do we mean by rapid-and-high-growth? Great question. Rapid Growth and High Growth are official categories established using Restaurantology’s Inferred Status calculation. It uses a blend of both historical and trailing insights to asses unit counts and categorize findings.

Simply put: these are rapid-and-high-growth brands with no (or negligible) closures to keep an eye on.

See how Restaurantology calculates Rapid Growth in our three-part series on multi-unit restaurant growth.