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Advice and answers from the Restaurantology Team

Some Restaurantology users may know exactly what they’re looking for, targeting a specific Concept or Company profile to verify firmographic or technographic insights. Others, however, may wish to simply browse the database using a variety of filters to limit search results and micro-target their desired audience.

Strategic Searching

There are several ways to use the Restaurantology Chrome extension to find a specific Concept or Company profile:

  • Search by underlying websiteWhen you open the Restaurantology sidebar by clicking the icon, we automatically scan the underlying page to see if it’s in our database. If it is, you’ll see suggested result(s) based on the page you’re on.
  • Search by underlying Salesforce Account – For users who have integrated their CRM with Restaurantology, opening the sidebar while on an Account record will automatically search the standard website field for a profile match. You can learn more about our Salesforce integration here.
  • Search using the navigation bar – Typing any word or words into the top search bar will scan both Concept and Company names for partial or complete matches.

Data Browsing

There are several ways to browse the Restaurantology database:

  • Browse using an Advanced Search – Users can combine keywords and advanced filters to browse the industry based on whatever criteria they deem necessary.
  • Browse using More Like This – Restaurantology profiles contain look-alike profiles based on both comparable unit counts and similar category tagging.

Here’s an example of an advanced search using 3 separate filter criteria:

  1. Tech = Aloha (NCR)
  2. Prevalent State = Florida
  3. Size = 6-100 units